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2012 Armored Toyota Avalon

2012 Toyota Avalon

Silver Exterior/Tan Leather Interior, armored in Germany to VR9 Armor (BRV 2009) with 1,300 KMs.

LIGHTER, FASTER, SAFER The Avalon SHIELD takes vehicle protection to a higher level, introducing a revolutionary new
engineering method. Installed hot-formed armouring material, which increases ballistic and blast protection and improves driving
performance by cutting weight.

BENEFITS ALL ROUND By substantially reducing the weight of the armour package compared with traditional methods,
hotforming brings considerable advantages: Improved performance · Better handling · Faster acceleration · Shorter stopping
distances Reduced costs · Lower component wear · Lower running costs · Longer product life

BIGGER IS BETTER The hotforming process allows larger armour sections to be manufactured than is possible with traditional engineering methods. That
means fewer joins between sections, which significantly enhances ballistic and blast protection. No loss of comfort or space The
hot-formed armouring material is shaped into sections that exactly follow the contours of the standard vehicle’s internal
construction, thus maintaining the interior volume. The high quality Toyota interior trim is then re-installed as original, with absolutely
no loss of comfort or space.

FULLY CERTIFIED: THE AVALON SHIELD The design and production of the Avalon SHIELD has been verified by QinetiQ and
the vehicle provides protection to level VR9 (BRV 2009).

Dimensions Length x Width x Height [mm] 5,019 x 1,849 x 1,486 Ground Clearance [mm] 135 Seats 5
Protection Level VR9 (BRV 2009)

Engine / Transmission Engine Capacity [L] 3.5 Fuel Type Petrol Cylinders : 6 Power [HP] : v268 Torque [Nm] : 336 Automatic

FEATURES Chassis Technology The Avalon SHIELD is equipped with state-of-the-art chassis components to give truly
dynamic on-road performance.

Braking Developed exclusively for the PSV Avalon SHIELD, AP Racing 4-piston front and rear brake calipers act on larger discs.
This brake system is so powerful that the armoured Avalon SHIELD braking performance is identical to its non-armoured cousin.

Suspension The Eibach anti-roll bars and springs were developed together with Bilstein shock absorbers to function as a complete
chassis solution. The addition of a front strut brace completes the superb handling package.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Turbo Diesel with VIP interior in VR7.

The base vehicle is a Land Cruiser LC200 VX European Specs.

  • Millage: 959 Kilometer/ 596 miles
  • Outside: Black
  • Inside: The seats are modified with Red Aston Martin Leather and beige Alcantara selling
  • 2x heavy duty electric window lifters on the driver and passenger door
  • Intercom with panic alarm
  • No extra armored door in the back (The armoring is integrated in the OEM door)
  • Emergency exit true the luggage compartment OEM doors (If the doors on the side are blocked)
  • Heavy Duty Rims
  • Heavy Duty German Suspension
  • High quality non step glass with no distortion
  • Protection level VR7
  • 15Kg TNT side blast protection
  • 2x HG 85 Hand Granate floor protection
  • 2x HG 85 Hand Granate roof protection
  • 2x DM 51 Granate floor protection

Very discrete armoring design.

The vehicle was armored in 2016