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Armored Cars in Hungary

Whether you're transporting cash, jewels, or other valuables, The Armored Group is a renowned manufacturer and retailer of bulletproof cars and armored trucks for sale or lease in Hungary. Our expertise and reputation spans over three decades, and we were recently showcased in The World’s Greatest TV Show where our president, Robert Pazderka was a keynote speaker.

Along with cutting-edge security systems, our armored cars, trucks, and vans are built to inspire confidence. Our vehicles are designed to protect both cargo and passengers against live fire and explosives.

Our objective is to safeguard our clients and their valuables while in transit. To achieve this, we develop armored cars, vans, and trucks that are customized to withstand a wide range of security threats. Our clients include VIP’s, celebrities, banks, the military, law enforcement, retail, and other businesses throughout Hungary.

Hungary has always been one of Europe's foremost tourist destinations. Its capital Budapest is considered one of the world's most attractive cities and has been featured in numerous movies, and TV shows.

Despite its relatively small size, Hungary hosts some of the world’s most iconic UNESCO and World Heritage Sites. These include Lake Hévz, the world's second-biggest thermal lake, Lake Balaton, Central Europe's largest lake, and Europe's largest natural grassland (Hortobágy). Hungary is known for its abundance of national parks which draw thousands each month.

Although it’s beautiful, Hungary has had its share of rising crime and political unrest emanating from its southern border with Serbia and Bosnia. Due to the presence of numerous armed groups, transporting cash, valuables and even important persons can be a risky affair. To safeguard against this, The Armored Group provides a diverse selection of new and pre-owned bulletproof cars, trucks, and vans for sale or lease. These include popular makes and models like Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet. We understand the critical challenge of providing security for valuables and are well positioned to supply our clients with safe vehicles, trucks, and SUVs to ward off possible attackers.

We provide the following armored vehicles:

Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Vehicles

In Hungary, armed thieves frequently target cash in transit. As an established armored vehicle company, we are committed to ensuring the best protection on the market, allowing you greater peace of mind when you need to transport your funds. Armoring is done through the use of advanced bulletproof and armor technologies on our cars and vans. Additionally, our specialists are capable of adapting any cash-in-transit vehicle to a range of security threats.

Along with cash, our CIT-armed transport vehicles can be tailored to protect other precious cargo such as jewelry, documents, medicines, packages, and even chemicals. To enhance their security and deter assaults while in transit, our vehicles are also designed to blend with their surroundings. This enables them to evade detection while fulfilling their critical mission. All of our armored vehicles include the following standard features:

  • Vertical panel protection
  • Bullet-resistant glass certification
  • Roof protection
  • Blast protection
  • Door overlap protection

Law Enforcement Applications

The Armored Group is well-acquainted with the many security threats confronting Hungary's law enforcement. To properly address these threats, we provide ballistic-protected tactical transport vehicles.These include Terriers, Hummers, SWAT’s BATT XL trucks, and even tactical utility vehicles which empower the Hungarian law enforcement to conduct its duties while safeguarding both the public and its officials.

Military Applications

Unsurprisingly, the military faces serious and unique security challenges. Whether it’s transporting active-duty soldiers and their equipment, or navigating perilous combat situations, The Armored Group can provide armored and tactical Hummers, Dobbermans, Pumas, Humvees, Shephards, Huskies, Mastiffs, or other military vehicles that are engineered to protect personnel from a wide range of threats. These threats include explosives, live gunfire, and fire, as well as IEDs.

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