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Armored Cars in Canada


The Armored Group (TAG) manufacturing and sales facility in Ontario, Canada.

The Armored Group - Canada

Address: 130 Snidercroft Rd Vaughan, ON L4k 2k1

Phone: +1.602-840-2271

Transporting cash and other valuables commercially can be a risky business. Without enhanced security measures, the transport vehicle can become an attractive target for criminals. So if you’re looking to move a large amount of cash or other valuables, don’t take any chances, contact The Armored Group right away. Our fleet of new bulletproof vehicles for sale or lease provides the best-armored transport solution in Canada.

Armored cars aren’t just for major businesses and large cash carriers anymore. Politicians, celebrities, and anyone else that might be in the crosshairs of nefarious characters can benefit from our ballistic protection and enhanced security. If you are a public figure and are concerned for your safety or well-being, we can provide both protection and peace of mind by driving one of our armored cars.


People believe Canada is a safe and tranquil country. While that is true, transporting cash and other valuables can be just as risky in Canada as anywhere else. The same goes for the security of public figures: while they may have a credible number of bodyguards outdoors, they are vulnerable while sitting inside a personal or private vehicle. This is because private vehicles cannot provide ample protection against live ammunition, explosives, or even an accident. With the Armored Group, you can now reclaim your peace of mind with our new or used bullet-proof vehicles.

When people think of armored cars, they immediately conjure images of militarized, ballistic hummers and tactical vehicles. While we do offer those, if you are looking for a less conspicuous armored vehicle, with today’s technology, any vehicle can be transformed into a threat-repelling piece of armored machinery. Our bulletproof vehicles range from trucks to ordinary-looking luxury armored car brands. We also offer up-armoring if you have a vehicle already in your garage that you’d like to serve as your armored vehicle.

Additionally, we provide more than just ballistic protection. We can install any protective equipment to safeguard against a ballistic attack or fire. So you can now enjoy peace of mind whenever you send your team, family, friends or others off in an armored vehicle from The Armored Group.


Are you a high-profile person? Do you command a sizable following or fan base? Even the most devoted fan can pose a threat to your well-being. Whether you’re an actor, sports figure, politician, or powerful businessman, you need adequate vehicle protection in addition to your bodyguards.

At the Armored Group, we have a wide selection of armored vehicles for sale or lease. We also understand that while you need the protection, you don’t necessarily want your transport to look like an armored personnel carrier. Instead, you want your vehicle to blend in traffic. That’s why our luxury bulletproof trucks look amazing while still providing the highest form of protection available.


While much of the world is digital, the need to move money and other high-value objects is still a necessity in Canada. This includes other valuables such as art and jewelry. So if you’re an art collector, jeweler, or an individual who moves high-value goods and merchandise all over Canada, you need armored transport. We’re a trusted name in armored cars in Canada and throughout the world.


Criminals always look for easy targets. Some are more meticulous than others and will exploit your vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to your transportation. With our armored cars, there are no weak points. Our vehicles are equipped with the best safeguards that conform to the highest security standards in Canada.

Our armored vehicles offer all-rounded protection for employees, customers, and their precious cargo. You can trust us to resolve issues involving moving your cash or valuables, tracking its movements, and ensuring the safety of both cargo and employees. Let us worry about the safety of your valuables, freeing you to focus on your business.


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