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Armored Cars in Serbia

For almost 30 years, The Armored Group has been designing and manufacturing armored cars for businesses, agencies, and organizations worldwide, including Serbia. We assist our clients in dealing with a variety of security risks and helping to ensure their safety, by providing quality armored vehicles.

Everyone uses our highly secure and armored vehicles, from citizens driving their families to work to law enforcement agencies and militaries. For whatever application and situation you need an armored vehicle for, we can accommodate you.

Why The Armored Group is a First-Rate Company

We have been specializing in the armored vehicle industry since 1992. With our experienced and talented team, we focus on several categories of armored vehicles, including personal protection vehicles, Cash-in-Transit (CIT) vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and military vehicles. We also provide law enforcement armored vehicles and more.

Every vehicle we design undergoes thorough testing so that it will provide reliable performance when it counts the most. As a result, our vehicles can help to ward off random acts of violence, kidnappings, carjackings, street crime, organized crime, and other threats. Our armored vehicles help to ensure that whoever is going from point A to point B gets there more safely and better secured.

Why You Need Our Armored Vehicles

The vehicles we sell to customers help them address various threats they may face all over the world, such as in Serbia. Our armored cars and trucks perform amazingly well in areas with high-security concerns that aren’t always the safest. The trucks, vans, and carriers are not only meant to blend in with the surroundings to escape detection, but they are also built to withstand and even flee from potential impending assaults. From bullet protection to blast protection, to run-flat tires, to being equipped with GPS, our custom armored vehicles excel when it comes to saving lives.

How We Can Help You

Our highly experienced team at The Armored Group can fully customize an armored vehicle that suits all of your needs and, most importantly, to help protect lives. Our vehicles combine security and style while remaining inconspicuous enough to help avoid detection. We design our vehicles to offer maximum protection for cargo and passengers, from ballistic and blast-resistant armor to bulletproof glass to tires that run even when punctured. Every armored car, truck, and vehicle we make also undergo thorough testing to guarantee performance.

Armored Vehicle Custom Options

  • Run-flat tires - Tires on your armored vehicle will be able to run even when flat, allowing you to escape to safety.
  • Bulletproof glass - Glass on our vehicles is bulletproof to keep inside occupants safe.
  • Security with style - Our armored vehicles can be customized to not only be highly secure but stylish as well.
  • Door overlap protection - This feature guards against infiltration attempts by carjackers or other types of criminals.
  • Satellite phones - This feature ensures no dead communication zones and that there will always be a way to communicate with others.
  • GPS - Built-in GPS will allow your vehicle to be tracked continuously while improving your security and awareness.
  • Blast resistant - Armored vehicles made by us can withstand blasts from things such as pipe bombs.
  • Roof protection - This feature mitigates threats from above.
  • And much more.

Ask our experts about custom options that best suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation.

Our Expertise & Experience

The top-tier armored vehicles we make at The Armored Group can make all the difference when it comes to repelling or fleeing assaults. Since our founding, we have grown into an international company that combines cutting-edge technology with superior customer service and competitive pricing. Whether a family is driving our vehicles or they are used to carry out a high-risk mission, our vehicles are built to perform, protect, and save lives.

Working with our expert team will get you:

  • State of the art engineering - Our R&D program makes sure that the armored vehicles can be equipped with the latest custom technology.
  • Always have spare parts in stock - We have the parts you need for your armored vehicle should they ever need to be replaced.

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