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Armored Vehicles in Poland

Who We Are At TAG

Since 1992, we at The Armored Group (TAG) have manufactured, designed, and delivered the finest armored vehicles to companies and VIP individuals in Poland and all around the world. From creating armored personnel carriers for the military to personal protection vehicles and cash in transit vehicles that transport currency and valuables, we create top quality armored vehicles for any occasion or situation. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional armored vehicles that help to protect lives and valuable goods.

Why TAG Is A Great Company

TAG started out over 25 years ago as a company that specialized in cash-in-transit armored vehicles, we have since expanded our inventory to create armored vehicles to serve the needs of clients worldwide including Poland. What distinguishes TAG is our capacity to compete on every level, whether it be quality, price, or delivery time. We fully accommodate the needs of our clients wanting armored vehicles and customize both the inside and outside of our vehicles. We also offer the valuable option to our clients of up-armoring their existing vehicles from a single vehicle to many, simply contact our expert team to discuss your armored vehicle needs.

Why You Need Us

The armored vehicles we design and manufacture at TAG give you peace of mind, security, and comfort. You know anyone or anything you transport in your armored vehicle is well protected. In a world full of danger, investing in the security that a top class armored vehicle provides is well worth it.

All of our vehicles are extensively tested to make sure they perform when it truly counts. From an inconspicuous armored cash in transit vehicle that transports valuables to military vehicles that withstand the strongest blasts and bullets, we do it all, and we are extremely good at what we do.

How We Can Help You

We create a fully customized vehicle that helps to keep you, your family, secured escorts, workers, and valuables safe. With our vehicles, traveling from one location to another is done without any hesitations or worries. Our armored vehicles are extensively tested for reliability.

If you want a vehicle that blends in, but is equipped with heavy metal armor, run-flat tires, and shatterproof glass that bullets can’t penetrate — we not only make that for you, but also any other armored vehicle you need. Just because our vehicles provide top notch protection doesn’t mean they lack comfort. Indeed, our vehicles are customized to be both safe and comfortable to travel in.

Features & Benefits Of Our Armored Vehicles

  • Bulletproof glass - The glass that comes with our vehicles is made to be extremely strong and shatterproof, so even bullets can’t penetrate it.
  • Run-flat tires - Run-flat tires allow the vehicle to drive even if the tires blow out. This feature allows a vehicle to escape more effectively from threats and get to safety.
  • Blast protection - Blast protection eliminates the threat of explosives from damaging the vehicle and anything inside of it.
  • Door overlap protection - This useful security feature is effective at stopping infiltration attempts.
  • Roof protection - This feature provides protection from threats that come from above.
  • GPS - This critical feature allows the vehicle to be constantly tracked, which enhances awareness, safety, and overall security.
  • Satellite phones - Satellite phones prevent dead communication zones from occurring while traveling and are extremely difficult to compromise.

Summary Of Our Expertise & Experience

At TAG, we’ve been in the armored vehicle industry since 1992 and have an ongoing R&D program to continually improve our vehicles. Everything we produce is thoroughly tested by us to ensure top quality — from our armored personnel carriers and personal protection vehicles to cash in transit vehicles and vehicles used by the military. We also provide armored vehicles for law enforcement purposes.

As an internationally respected company, we have experience in all aspects of armored vehicles. We protect lives, provide peace of mind, and eliminate worry and hesitancy while transporting people and valuables.

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