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Armored Cars, Trucks, & More For Sale in Brazil

For safer transport, The Armored Group crafts and supplies a variety of armored cars in Brazil. In a world where security is of paramount importance, the need for armored vehicles has become increasingly vital. This is evident in Brazil, a nation where ensuring the safety of people and valuable cargo is a top priority. Fortunately, at The Armored Group, we are a global leader in armored vehicle customization and sales. As a result, our team recognizes the significance of providing reliable, top-tier armored transportation solutions in Brazil.

Ensuring More Secure Mobility in Brazil

Brazil's unique security challenges have driven the demand for armored cars to new heights. The nation's large population and diverse economy necessitate safer transportation for individuals and goods across varied terrains and urban settings. Threats ranging from criminal activities to potential security breaches during high-profile events underscore the necessity of robust armored vehicles. Thankfully, at The Armored Group, our bulletproof vehicles can help meet this demand in numerous ways.

A Comprehensive Lineup to Address Varied Needs

The Armored Group offers a wide array of armored vehicles tailored to suit different requirements. Our bulletproof cars and other vehicles can be categorized into several primary categories, including:


Our discreet yet heavily fortified armored sedans are designed for executive protection and discreet transport.


Combining luxury and security, armored SUVs from The Armored Group provide a versatile solution for both urban and off-road scenarios.


Armored trucks ensure more secure transportation for valuable cargo, making them indispensable for businesses operating in high-risk areas of Brazil.


Our armored vans are the ideal choice for transporting larger groups of people or quantities of goods while maintaining greater safety.


Specialized cash-in-transit vehicles from The Armored Group offer more secure transportation for cash and valuables, catering to the needs of financial institutions, businesses, and more.

Law Enforcement

At The Armored Group, our armored vehicles for law enforcement agencies are engineered to provide enhanced protection and tactical capabilities.

Military Vehicles

We also offer military-grade armored cars, trucks, and more for various missions, offering unmatched security and reliability.

Why Choose Armored Vehicles from The Armored Group?

Purchasing an armored vehicle is an investment in safety and security. At The Armored Group, our reputation speaks for itself – with a legacy of delivering premium-quality armored vehicles all around the globe, including in Brazil. Our vehicles are built to withstand many of the most challenging situations while offering comfort and functionality. This is due to our expertise as well as the high-quality materials we utilize, such as our independently certified bulletproof armor and glass. In addition, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the production line to after-sales support, ensuring that our clients receive ongoing assistance to help keep their vehicles in optimal condition.

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The importance of first-rate armored cars from The Armored Group in Brazil cannot be overstated. Our extensive lineup of bulletproof vehicles, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us a premier choice for armored transportation solutions. From sedans to military vehicles, our team has the right solution to ensure safer and more secure mobility for people and valuable assets in Brazil's diverse and dynamic landscape.

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