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Passenger Protection Vehicles

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The Armored Group makes it a priority to provide both armored and unarmored vehicles for all types of clients from diplomats to civilians. There is an industry stigma that bulletproof vehicles are expensive and out of reach for the everyday person. We are dedicated to manufacturing affordable civilian armored vehicles, so everyone can travel with peace-of-mind.

Armoring protection varies based on the need. We use several types of ratings to help provide perspective to the amount of rifle round and blast protection that is available. The most protected vehicle will usually boast a B7+ CEN rating or a VR9/10 rating on the VPAM scale. These cars, trucks, and SUVs are armored beasts. They feature heavy-duty bullet-resistant plating surrounding the vehicle from headlights to taillights, the roof to the undercarriage along with bulletproof glass that can sustain armor-piercing rounds at point-blank range without harming those inside the vehicle.  Those requesting these types of armoring packages are usually high-profile clients or in law enforcement.

Civilian armored vehicles with lighter protection prove to be more affordable and accessible for the everyday person. These offer just as much protection against rounds both at point blank and farther distance ranges. Customize a used chassis with our professional fabricators to keep costs even more affordable. No matter what your armoring level, we will protect all critical vertical and horizontal components to OEM standards.

Our capabilities allow us to customize both new and older models of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans to the user’s request. Every client from civilians to law enforcement can ask for these types of upgrades to their armored vehicle package:

  • Door overlap protection
  • Upgraded brake and suspension system
  • Run-flat tire systems
  • Smoke screens
  • Mobile communications capabilities
The Armored Group team is dedicated to your safety and will manufacture every type of possible armored vehicle customization to keep you safe on the road. This has been our mission since 1992, and today, we are one of the industry’s leading providers for diplomat and civilian armored vehicles. No vehicle leaves our manufacturing facilities until we are confident that it will protect the driver and passengers in all hostile territories.

To learn more about how The Armored Group can help you, contact us online today or give us a call at 855-824-7233. Armored cars are our passion, and you will find that we are unrivaled in our dedication to passenger safety.