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Armored Cars in Cyprus by The Armored Group

For the last few decades, The Armored Group has been at the forefront of delivering armored cars in Cyprus.  Whether you're transporting cash, precious metals, or works of art, our services can help you achieve your goals while guaranteeing peace of mind.

We understand the challenge of moving people and valuables across volatile regions, including Cyprus. As such, our armored trucks are adequately resourced and operated by reliable, highly trained personnel. Additionally, the entire route is monitored in real-time via our operations centers.

With a population of 1.3 million, Cyprus is a Greek speaking country renowned for its mineral wealth, magnificent vineyards, and exotic beauty. This has made it a magnet for thousands of tourists including honeymooners, who flock to its sites each year.

In addition to the attractions, tourism has also boosted the island’s economy leading to a demand for armored vehicles to move cash, valuables and people. At The Armored Group, we are well positioned to provide these services to financial institutions, regular businesses, law enforcement, museums, and even the military. Our vehicles provide both cargo and passenger protection by incorporating the finest bullet-resistant protection available today.

Our armored cars come equipped with the following features:

GPS - All our vehicles come equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS system. This allows our command and control centers to keep track of the vehicle and its cargo in real time.

Replacement parts on hand - By keeping spare parts on hand at all times, we can quickly repair damaged components in your car.

Run-flat tires - Run-flat tires allow the vehicle to continue moving even after the tires have been punctured.

Bulletproof glass - Bullet resistant glass is capable of deflecting projectiles and protecting the vehicle's occupants.

Satellite phones – Satellite phones ensure that you will always have access to the outside world.

Inconspicuous appearance - Our cars are designed to blend in with other on-road vehicles to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Customizable security add-ons - In addition to night vision displays, our vehicles come with sophisticated armoring and road tack dispensers.

Cutting-edge technology - Through our R&D program, The Armored Group ensures that we stay current with technological advancements.


The Armored Group provides specialized vehicles for Cash-in-Transit (CIT), law enforcement, military and miscellaneous use.

Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Vehicles

We are committed to developing the best cash-in-transit vehicles in Cyprus. That is why we have been entrusted with transporting a variety of assets, including money, precious metals, bullion, and other valuables. Our goal is to safeguard both the cargo and passengers from harm by providing world-class armor and bullet proofing services to all our transport vehicles.

Military Use

Ballistic and tactical vehicles for the military are also a specialty of the Armored Group. Our armored military vehicles are specifically engineered to provide protection in the event of explosions, live ammunition, and fire. Given their upgraded chassis and suspension system, the vehicles can traverse even the most hostile terrain. For even more extreme circumstances, the Dobberman, BATT UMG, Puma, and Great Dane are available.

Law Enforcement

Like in other countries, law enforcement officials in Cyprus are also faced with formidable challenges. For instance, they routinely engage in hostage/rescue/evacuations, raids, high-profile arrests, and more. These activities place police in extreme danger. As such, they require specialized law enforcement armored vehicles that are equipped to navigate through these scenarios. The Armored Group provides Terriers, Hummers, Copperheads, SWAT suburbans, BATT APX/S/XL and other tactical vehicles.

The Armored Group has been in the armored car business for over three decades. We have become renowned for exceptional quality, and customer support. Today, we are a global corporation that is highly competitive in product quality, pricing, and delivery time. Our armored vehicles enhance security, provide peace of mind, and assist with security threats encountered across the world, including Cyprus. Our completely customized armored vehicles may be configured to assist you in avoiding and evading dangers as you move between locations.

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