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Armored Vehicle Protection in Estonia By The Armored Group

The Armored Group provides essential armored vehicle protection to Estonia and other countries throughout the world.

Estonia is part of the Baltic states that include Latvia and Lithuania. This region has a history of strife going back before World War II, but Estonia, in particular, is now known as a developed country with an advanced economy and democratic government. Despite its current state of development, crime and other issues are still part of Estonian life.

It’s crucial that citizens, businesses, and the government have access to safe and secure cash-in-transit trucks and other armored vehicles. The Armored Group offers a wide inventory and selection of armored cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. From the day to day travel of an important businessman to and from the office, celebrities and their entourage needing secure armored vehicles, or for the VIP or government officials needing a luxury car that is bulletproof, we cater to all armored vehicle needs. Whether you need a fleet of armored trucks for your military or a single luxury sedan, our team is ready to help you. We have years of experience in developing the most advanced armor for every task. Contact us to get started today on designing your custom armored vehicle.

Protect Your Valuables in Estonia

Nowadays, most consumers use credit or debit cards to make purchases, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for businesses and banks to utilize cash-in-transit services. Whether you’re transporting cash, gold, jewels, or private data, armored cars and trucks require the latest security to fend off thieves.

Criminals seem to target where the money is most vulnerable and that is when it is in transit. Our fortified armored cash-in-transit vehicles deter those who are looking to score a quick payday off of your hard earned cash or other valuables. Anyone who tries to attack one of The Armored Group’s armored vehicles is in for a surprise. We provide ballistic and explosive protection via our fortified armored trucks, so you can keep your valuables and staff safer in the event of an attack.

There’s a reason why countless countries throughout the world trust The Armored Group when they need to purchase a vehicle specifically for transporting their high-value items.

Maximum Personal Protection

Do you ever worry for the safety of your family, staff, or yourself while going about your daily routine? Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for criminals to try and apprehend VIPs, high-value targets, and assets for ransom. Protect your staff and loved ones with a purchase of one of our custom personal protection vehicles.

We work with numerous car and truck manufacturers globally. We enhance their standard cars and SUVs with the most advanced armor and security devices. These custom-designed armored vehicles blend in with everyday traffic to remain inconspicuous.

With our armored vehicles, criminals find a near impregnable mobile fortress where you and your loved ones are safer until you can get to a more secure location.

Law Enforcement Vehicles for Maximum Protection

Law enforcement personnel take on some of the most challenging tasks, from violent confrontations to high-speed chases. The Armored Group offers Estonian law enforcement everything from armored personnel carriers to Hummers and Humvees.

Your officers need the best protection in case of firefights and other issues where an armored vehicle comes in handy. We have the most advanced armor systems in the industry and a research and development team that continues to push the limits of armor science to create new and improved shielding for our customers.

Whether you’re looking for SUVs and sedans for covert surveillance or witness transportation or heavily armored personnel carriers for your swat team or special task forces, we have them available for you.

Armored Cars for Military Applications

Estonia, as part of the United Nations Security Council, may send troops abroad or keep them close to home. When you need military strength, you also need heightened protection. The Armored Group has the highest quality military vehicles, from Humvees and Hummers to our fierce Great Dane.

Military troops are your most important commodity in the field so keep them safer with the best-armored vehicles in the industry. We have a reputation beyond reproach and have worked with several military agencies around the world.

Don’t risk the lives of your troops with anything less than our armored military vehicles. Make sure your armored military carriers, trucks, and more come from The Armored Group.

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If you’re a high-value target in Estonia, military, or police, then consider armored trucks and cars from The Armored Group.

We have a reputation for providing the best-armored cars with the most advanced armor and security systems. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business, private citizen, government agency, or military - we have everything you need and more.

If you want to learn more about our extensive armored vehicle inventory, please contact us today.

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