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Armored Cars For Sale in The USA

Dependable and durable armored cars and other vehicles are available for sale in The USA from the experts at The Armored Group. In an increasingly uncertain world, safety and security have become paramount concerns for individuals and businesses alike. The demand for bulletproof cars has risen significantly in the United States, as they offer a reliable means of safer transportation for people and valuable goods. The Armored Group is a renowned name in this industry, providing top-of-the-line armored vehicles that cater to various needs in the United States of America.

Armored Vehicles: A Diverse Range Available in the USA

The Armored Group offers a wide selection of bulletproof vehicles in the USA, ensuring that our clients can find the right fit for their specific applications. Our many armored vehicles can be categorized into the following main types:


Armored sedans from our team provide discreet protection without compromising on style and comfort. These vehicles are ideal for executives, diplomats, and VIPs who require a low-profile yet secure mode of transportation.


At The Armored Group, our armored SUVs combine ruggedness and security, making them suitable for various applications, including for private security, executive protection, and even law enforcement agencies.

Trucks & Vans

Our armored trucks are designed to transport valuable cargo securely in The USA, making them an excellent choice for businesses dealing with high-value goods. Likewise, our armored vans are often used for the secure transportation of multiple passengers as well as goods, making them ideal for organizations dealing with valuable assets or personnel transport.


Our specialized armored cash-in-transit vehicles are designed for more secure cash transportation. In doing so, they offer greater protection for financial institutions and cash management companies to transport cash, bullion, and other valuables more securely in the USA.

Law Enforcement

The Armored Group offers armored vehicles tailored to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies in The USA, providing enhanced protection for officers and other law enforcement personnel.

Military Vehicles

The Armored Group also supplies military-grade armored cars and vehicles designed for missions that require greater protection and reliability.

About The Armored Group

The Armored Group is a leading supplier of armored vehicles globally, including for applications in The USA. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and innovation, our team has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of armored solutions. Clients choose our armored vehicles for several reasons, such as our experience, materials, and exceptional service.

With years of experience in the industry, our team at The Armored Group possesses unparalleled expertise in designing and crafting armored vehicles. We understand that every client's needs are unique. As a result, we offer customization options, allowing clients to tailor many of our bulletproof vehicles to meet their specific requirements.

Certifications, Testing, Service & Quality

When it comes to armored vehicles, safety is of paramount importance. At The Armored Group, we ensure the highest levels of safety and quality possible for our vehicles with our rigorous testing and certifications. Our armored vehicles undergo ballistic testing to meet international standards. As such, our bulletproof armor and glass have been independently certified. This provides our clients with greater peace of mind in knowing that they are investing in reliable and secure solutions.

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As security concerns continue to rise, armored cars from The Armored Group have become an essential asset for ensuring safer transportation for people and valuable goods in the USA. The Armored Group stands as a reliable and experienced provider, offering a diverse range of armored vehicles, top-notch service, and a commitment to safety and quality. Contact our specialists today and embark on a journey towards securing greater peace of mind!

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