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Armored Vehicles by The Armored Group In Croatia

For cash-in-transit and the secure transport of personnel, The Armored Group carries a large inventory of armored vehicles for sale or lease in Croatia. The Croatian government has worked hard to improve its economy, human development, and culture over the last several decades. However, despite significant economic growth, there is still crime and violence throughout the country.

The Armored Group wants the citizens of Croatia, businesses, and the government to feel safer as they drive around the country. We provide high-quality advanced armored vehicles to offer pinnacle safety and peace of mind.

Here at The Armored Group, we have dedicated our lives to improving the safety and security of people in countries like Croatia and others worldwide. It is one of the many reasons why The Armored Group is one of the most trusted suppliers of armored trucks and cars in the world.

Keep Your Possessions Safe

Businesses and banks throughout Croatia often transport high-value property such as cash, gold, and jewels daily. These transports are often targeted as they can be easy pickings for criminals and thieves looking for quick cash.

The cash-in-transit vehicles created by The Armored Group are second to none. They provide the most advanced armor protection available to keep your property and your staff safe. If criminals do try and steal from one of our vehicles, they quickly understand their mistake.

If you need an armored car or truck to transport your high-value items, look no further than The Armored Group.

Family & Loved Ones Deserve Safety

If you worry about the safety of your loved ones or employees as they go about their daily business, then consider our personal protection vehicles. We work with some of the most trusted names in the auto industry like Ford and Mercedes Benz to create and outfit cars and trucks with the latest in armor and security devices.

When you drive your family to school or your employees go to a meeting across town, you need them to be as safe as possible. You can’t run a business, knowing there is a possibility they might be in danger. Our armored cars and trucks blend in with the traffic, making them difficult to discern from normal vehicles.

Keep Croatian Troops Secure

In addition to business and personal protection applications, The Armored Group works with Croatian military agencies to provide the highest quality military vehicles such as Humvees, Great Danes, and more to help keep your troops safer in battle situations.

Croatia has seen its fair share of war over the years. As a result, the military needs armored cars and trucks that it trusts to keep troops safer. Our armored personnel carriers and other vehicles can traverse even the most rugged terrain and have ballistic and explosive protection.

The Armored Group understands the importance of battle-ready vehicles and verifies that everything we make is tested for durability before leaving our armoring center.

Law Enforcement Applications

It’s not just the military that needs our advanced armored vehicles. We serve countless law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Whether you need an armored personnel carrier for your SWAT or other specialized agency. We also keep an inventory of armored SUVs and cars for things like secure witness transport, undercover surveillance, and more. We have everything you need for your fleet of armored law enforcement vehicles.

Our research and development department constantly develops new and improved armor and security devices to help the men and women in law enforcement.

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Croatia still has crime, and you need protection. It doesn’t matter if it’s your high-value property or your family; our armored cars and trucks give you peace of mind.

Our armored trucks and cars provide the highest levels of protection, and we have years of experience. Don’t trust your life, your property, or your family to inferior transports. If you want to learn more about our armored vehicles, then please contact us today.

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