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Armored Vehicles in Indonesia

Top-quality armored vehicles from the professionals at The Armored Group are available for ordering all around the globe, including in Indonesia. Like many other countries, Indonesia can benefit from our selection of rigorous armored cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles. With them, transporting people, goods, and other crucial cargo is safer than ever from a number of potential threats.

Why Utilize Armored Cars & Vehicles in Indonesia?

Armored cars and vehicles from The Armored Group can be essential parts of an organization, government, law enforcement agency, corporation, or even a family of everyday people. They help ensure higher levels of protection when transporting people and nearly all varieties of cargo – from cash to bullion and even weapons. Indonesia, much like other countries around the world, has its fair share of crime, including theft, armed robbery, and more. The presence of these sorts of crimes necessitates a market for our bulletproof cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and more. By using them, Indonesian citizens, companies, law enforcement officers, military members, and more can be safer while traveling and moving valuable goods.

Applications for Our Selection of Specialized Armored Vehicles

At The Armored Group, we offer a number of armored vehicles. Our selection ranges from cars to trucks and specialty vehicles. It also features armored versions of cars and SUVs from a variety of popular car makers. Despite these many categorizations, we commonly organize our armored vehicles by their primary application. The four primary applications of armored cars and vehicles we offer in Indonesia include the following:

Passenger Protection

VIPs and private citizens alike desire safety while traveling. Unfortunately, most standard vehicles are not the safest to drive around in – at least not when compared to our armored cars for passenger protection. We offer a variety of inconspicuous armored cars, trucks, and SUVs that provide bulletproof armor and glass, as well as other enhanced safety and performance features. As a result, they can help keep VIPs and everyday people safer while in transport.


Moving money and bullion around can be dangerous work. That is why it is essential to use an armored cash-in-transit vehicle. At The Armored Group, we offer several types of bulletproof cash-in-transit vehicles that can help make transporting goods from one location to another safer and more secure than ever. Best of all, our armored cash-in-transit vehicles make this safer not just for the goods but for your personnel as well.

Law Enforcement & Military

Keeping people safer from potential threats is what we love to do here at The Armored Group. One of the best ways we can do that is by helping keep members of military groups and law enforcement agencies safer. Fortunately, we offer several types of armored military and law enforcement vehicles, which can help keep soldiers and officers safer when doing their duty to protect and serve the people of Indonesia.

Benefits of Ordering Armored Vehicles from The Armored Group

No matter which of our high-quality armored vehicles you choose, you can rest assured that you are receiving a vehicle that will offer you several significant benefits. While some benefits may vary from vehicle to vehicle, nearly all armored vehicles from us at The Armored Group are customized to include:

Each of these benefits helps make our armored vehicles safer and more secure for their applications, especially our armor and glass, which have both been certified as bulletproof during independent lab testing.

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At The Armored Group, our many types of armored cars and vehicles can help ensure greater safety for individuals, groups, and cargo in Indonesia. While crime may never be eliminated, it can be deterred, and you can be well protected with one of our rigorous armored vehicles. So contact us at The Armored Group today to learn more and get a quote for one or more of our bullet proof vehicles!

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