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Armored Cars in Portugal

Who We Are At The Armored Group

Since 1992, TAG (The Armored Group) has provided of top-of-the-line armored vehicles in Portugal. Since we live in a world where safety and security are paramount, having a top quality armored vehicle that is fully customizable to your needs can make all the difference in helping you, your team and your valuables in escaping life and death situations.

The Armored Group is an international company that’s very competitive in terms of price, delivery time, quality, and everything else. We provide armored vehicles to countries around the world, including Portugal. Our customers range from financial institutions, organizations, government agencies, and militaries to VIP families driving their kids to school. We have customers that span the spectrum. And as diverse as our clientele is, so is the threat level that they each are under. Our design experts will work with you to determine your threat assessment and help to customize your armored car or fleet of armored vehicles that are needed to keep you and yours safe.

Why The Armored Group Is A Top Notch Company

To guarantee quality, our armored vehicles undergo extensive testing. The top-notch manufacturing and design of our vehicles enables you to both ward off an attack and escape to safety. We have expertise and experience in building armored vehicles for personal passenger protection, cash in transit, law enforcement, military, and more. Our ongoing research and development program also enables us to continually improve our vehicles and stay on the cutting edge of technology. This translates into our clients receiving the very best the industry has to offer in their new armored vehicle from us.

Why Our Armored Vehicles Are In Such High Demand

Threats are increasing around the world, and the fact is that while you are driving, you can all of a sudden find yourself being targeted for a carjacking, robbery, or worse. With an armored vehicle that has blast and ballistic protection, an initial attack can be thwarted. Allowing you the ability to safely escape, or if you undergo a prolonged attack your survivability is greatly increased with one of our armored vehicles protecting you. The run-flat tire system on our vehicles enables you to escape danger quickly, even if you have a blown out tire. Furthermore, many of our vehicles are made to blend in, so you won’t stick out like a sore spot while driving.

Our armored cars can be customized with many additional features, such as night vision display, road tack dispensers, strobe lights, sirens, and more. As a result, The Armored Group offers armored vehicles to provide you with the finest protection, and we take the hesitancy out of traveling.

How We Can Help You

Street and organized crime are on the rise around the world, including in Portugal. Our vehicles combine both security and style and are able to be fully customized by our talented team to match your specific needs. With our armored vehicles looking inconspicuous, they blend in with other vehicles while traveling. However, should you become a target of a crime, the armored vehicle can serve as a protective cocoon that keeps you, your team and your cargo safe.

Features & Benefits of Our Armored Vehicles

  • Cutting-edge technology - Our ongoing R&D program makes sure that our vehicles are keeping up with the latest technological trends.
  • Satellite phones -  This feature makes sure that your communication is never fully cut off from the outside world.
  • GPS - With GPS in your vehicle your overall awareness and safety will be enhanced.
  • Bulletproof glass - Our armored vehicles come equipped with ballistic glass designed to stop bullets.
  • Spare parts in stock - In case your armored vehicle ever needs any spare parts, we’ve got them for you.
  • Run-flat tires - This feature will allow your vehicle to escape to a safer location even if a tire goes flat.
  • Security with style - Just because our vehicles are highly secure doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy style and luxury options, we offer a wide variety of customized armored vehicles or we can uparmor your existing vehicle or fleet.
  • Additional security add-ons - Some security features that can be added to your vehicle include strobe lights, night vision display, reinforced flooring and roofing, road tack dispensers, and more.

Our Experience & Expertise

At The Armored Group, we’ve been solely focused on the armored vehicle niche for nearly 30 years. Since then, we have grown into an international company that provides armored vehicles to people, businesses, agencies, and governments around the world.

By getting one of our vehicles, you are investing in the security of your people and your valuables, which can prevent tragedies such as loss of life or financial ruin. For whatever your needs are, our expert team can create an armored vehicle for you that satisfies your security concerns and provides you with peace of mind.

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