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Armored Cars For Sale in Israel

The expert team from The Armored Group offers armored cars and other vehicles for numerous uses in Israel. In a region as dynamic and diverse as Israel, the need for more secure and more reliable transportation is paramount. Armored vehicles have become an essential component for ensuring the safety of individuals, valuable cargo, and even law enforcement and military personnel. Thankfully, The Armored Group recognizes this need and offers a comprehensive range of bulletproof vehicles that cater to various requirements in Israel.

The Importance of Armored Cars in Israel

The geopolitical landscape of Israel has necessitated the use of armored vehicles for safer transportation. Whether it is safeguarding dignitaries, ensuring secure passage for valuable goods, or providing protection to law enforcement and military personnel, the demand for reliable armored solutions is undeniable. Fortunately, armored vehicles from The Armored Group can help provide a shield against potential threats – be it criminal activities, political unrest, or even natural disasters.

Diverse Vehicle Categories at The Armored Group

The Armored Group offers a diverse range of armored vehicles suitable for various purposes in Israel. Our armored vehicle categories include:


Discreet and highly secure, armored sedans are ideal for VIP transportation.


Combining luxury with safety, our armored SUVs are versatile and well-suited for both urban and off-road environments.


Armored trucks from our team are designed to help protect valuable cargo during transit, ensuring greater integrity.


Armored vans are essential for more secure transportation of goods, equipment, and personnel, and at The Armored Group, we have many top-quality options.


At The Armored Group, our armored cash-in-transit vehicles are purpose-built for the secure transport of cash, bullion, and other valuables.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement vehicles from our team are equipped with advanced features to aid in maintaining public order in Israel.

Military Vehicles

Our military-grade armored cars and other vehicles are engineered to withstand extreme conditions and provide optimal protection to troops.

The Armored Group Advantage

Purchasing armored vehicles from The Armored Group comes with numerous advantages. Our bulletproof vehicles are meticulously designed and engineered to provide top-tier protection without compromising on comfort or functionality. With a commitment to innovation, our team constantly evolves its designs to stay ahead of emerging threats. As a result, each vehicle we offer in Israel is tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution for practically every client in the area.

Certifications, Testing, Service & Quality

At The Armored Group, our armored vehicles meet rigorous international standards for safety and quality. Our vehicles undergo meticulous testing to ensure their ballistic and blast protection capabilities. In doing so, our bulletproof armor and glass have both been independently tested and certified, providing our clients with greater peace of mind.

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For individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, or military units seeking reliable armored cars and other vehicles in Israel, The Armored Group is the go-to provider. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to answer any inquiries and guide you through the selection process, ensuring that the chosen vehicle aligns with the unique requirements of your situation. To learn more and explore the comprehensive range of armored vehicles we have available in Israel, contact us today or fill out our quote form!

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