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Armored Cars & Trucks for Bulgaria By The Armored Group

It’s crucial that financial institutions, government authority, businesses and even people in Bulgaria that are VIP’s, celebrities or influential, wealthy and that hold power or influence protect their assets and loved ones with armored trucks and cars by The Armored Group. The Armored Group is one of the most dependable and reputable companies in the global armored vehicle industry. Unfortunately, while Bulgaria has a good economy, there are also reports of violence, corruption and a shrinking population.

Cash-In-Transit Vehicles in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s economy concentrates heavily on mining, so the transfer of precious jewels, even in rough-cut form, is vital to the country. Don’t risk your valuables, including jewels, cash, gold, or other precious cargo, purchase or lease an armored vehicle from the experts at The Armored Group.

Before branching out into all aspects of armored vehicles, we specialized in cash-in-transit vehicles. We have the most durable armor and advanced security systems to keep not only your cash or jewels safe but the people transporting them as well.

Bulgarian Personal Protection

Private citizens or politicians with wealth and power are often targets of kidnapping and ransom. Criminals won't hesitate to attack your family or your employees, which means you need the ultimate in personal protection.

Do you worry about your family as they go off to school or work every morning? The Armored Group works with renowned names in the auto industry to create safer armored cars, trucks, and SUVs for your loved ones.

We blend in durable armor and security systems with a standard car to create a fortress that you can’t tell is any different than other cars on the road. It’s only when criminals attack that its true nature shows and helps to keep everyone safer. And enables them every opportunity with things like our run flat tires, and evasive tools to help them make it to get to a secure location.

Armored Vehicles for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies surely have their work cut out for them in Bulgaria because you never know what you’ll find on a daily basis. With criminals intent on violence –anything can happen.

We provide armored cars and trucks, armored personnel carriers, and other vehicles so that law enforcement officials can protect and serve. Our armored vehicles help to keep them safer and allow them to do their job to the fullest of their abilities.

Our research and development teams work non-stop to create new armors and security systems that we implement into our vehicles. In addition, each vehicle we make goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure everything works as designed.

Armored Trucks for the Bulgarian Military

Bulgaria has been a member of the United Nations Security Council and other groups that require them to send troops locally and worldwide. The military is known for its powerful weapons, but they need a powerful defense as well.

It doesn’t matter if it’s our Humvees, armored personnel carriers, or Great Danes; you’ll find the highest quality protection in the industry only from The Armored Group.

We work with militaries throughout the world. They keep coming back to us because they know our reputation for being the best. When your men and women are in the field and under fire, the armor in their trucks and SUVs is what helps to keep them safer. No doubt you want that armor to be the best available.

The Armored Group Are Armor Experts

The world isn’t an easy place to live these days, but we can help you navigate the challenges ahead in Bulgaria with our armored vehicles from The Armored Group. The Armored Group is here to help keep you and your family or team safer, as well as your gear, valuables, gold and cash secure when in transit. If you want more information, please contact us today.

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