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Armored Military Vehicles

Heavy-Duty, Protective Armored Hummers & Tactical Vehicles

Armored military vehicles from The Armored Group are an ideal addition to help safeguard troops and cargo nearly anywhere on Earth. Our heavy-duty hummers and tactical vehicles can offer greater protection from a variety of threats, including most types of gunfire as well as landmines and more! By utilizing one or more of our armored military vehicles, you can help keep your personnel safer and far more secure – whether on patrol, in combat, or guarding your base of operations.

Our Selection of Armored Military Vehicles:

From Light Armored Vehicles to Armed Personnel Carriers

At The Armored Group, we offer a diverse lineup of armored and non-armored military vehicles that are designed to survive in the most extreme environments. The many military-style armored vehicles we have for sale include:

These vehicles are offered in multiple configurations and can be customized to meet the threat you and your team are facing. In addition, The Armored Group also has experience building vehicle systems, such as turrets, which can be equipped on many of our durable military vehicles. We also offer protected guard rooms, which can be stationed where your operation needs them.

The Benefits of Our Armored  Military Vehicles

Certified Bulletproof Armor & a Variety of Vehicles

Armored vehicles can offer militaries and military units worldwide numerous benefits, especially when using our specially customized armored military vehicles. Our light armored vehicles, mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, and armored personnel carriers provide militaries with a safer, more secure means of transporting goods as well as people. The primary reason for this is our independently tested and certified bulletproof steel and glass. These high-quality materials make the armor on our military vehicles remarkably resilient.

Yet, the quality of our armor is not the only benefit of our armored military vehicles. Our wide selection also helps ensure that we have different armored vehicles to fit different situations. For example, our light armored vehicles are equipped with protective armor without sacrificing speed or maneuverability. They can also commonly be outfitted with counter-measures, surveillance and communications technology, and winches. However, for transporting large quantities of people, one of our armored personnel carriers is ideal. Our Great Danes can seat between 10 - 14 personnel and can also be equipped with mounted or remote weapon systems, up-gunned weapon stations, or even LAV-style turrets with interchangeable weapons.

With vehicles like these, your military and military units can be better equipped against nearly any kind of threat in almost any type of environment. As a result, your personnel and your crucial cargo can be better protected from those who try to harm them.

Why Choose The Armored Group for Armored Vehicles?

Quality You Can Count On!

Since the early 1990s, The Armored Group has provided VIPs, corporations, governments, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and militaries with quality armored vehicles. Our armored vehicles take many forms, including sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, and specialty vehicles, such as our military vehicles. Our world-class engineering and design team customizes and tests our armored cars to help ensure that they are as safe as possible. In turn, our clients around the globe receive the first-rate armored vehicles they need to help protect essential people, cargo, and more.
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At The Armored Group, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality armored vehicles, including our armored military vehicles. These vehicles come in multiple shapes and sizes with various levels of armoring and additional security features. By employing one or more of our durable armored military vehicles, you and your military can help keep your valued personnel and cargo safer from numerous threats. Contact us today for more details on our military vehicles or to receive a quote!