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The Terrier LT-79 has been completely built from the ground up to be the leading light body on frame Toyota 79-based light-APC on the market.  The Terrier has undergone strenuous performance testing which has pushed the limits on suspension, handling, acceleration and maneuverability and allowed us to strategically mate the best aftermarket and OEM components for the task.  We can confidently say that our Terrier APC will outperform any Land Cruiser-based APC on the market today in both on and off-road testing.


The Terrier LT-79 comes standard in a three-door configuration which offers a 2+6 seating arrangement.  Additionally variants are available in 5-door configurations as well as light surveillance, remote firing post (with RWS capability) and aircraft assault platforms which can be customized for any operational requirements. Due to it’s highly customizable nature, the Terrier is popular with law enforcement, paramilitary, NGO and military clientele and can support a wide array of uses in many other industries.


The standard ballistic and blast protection of STANAG 4569 level I ensures survivability in most hostile environments.  From those specific regions which require a higher level of ballistic protection, the Terrier can be equipped with lightweight applique armor increasing to STANAG 4569 level II while maintaining much of the original payload capacity.


Overall Length                        :           5226 mm (without spare wheel)

Overall Width                         :           1874 mm over body

Overall Height                         :           2180 mm over the roof plate

Wheelbase                             :           3180 mm

Track Width                            :           1589 mm

Ground Clearance                  :           290 mm under differentials

Angle of Approach                 :           41°

Angle of Departure                 :           33°



Seating layout                         :           2+6 (optional 2+8 with bench seating)

Doors                                      :           3

Roof turret with hatch            :           Optional



Curb weight                            :           4600 kg (standard protection)

Payload                                   :           1000 kg

Combat weight                       :           5600 kg



Engine make                           :           Toyota

Engine model                          :           1VD-FTV

Engine type                             :           Liquid cooled, direct injection, four stroke, turbo charged, Inter cooled, 8 cylinders in V-shape, 32 valves, diesel

Displacement                         :           4461 cm3

Maximum Power                    :           195 hp @ 3300 rpm

Maximum Torque                   :           430 Nm @ 1200 to 3200 rpm

Fuel type                                 :           Diesel

Power to Weight Ratio           :           35.45 hp/ton @ combat weight

Transmission                          :           5-speed manual

Fuel Tank Capacity                 :           2 x 90L



Driveline                                 :           Selectable 4×4

Steering                                  :           Recirculating ball, hydraulically assisted

Suspension                             :           Front – coil springs with hydraulic shock absorbers

Rear – leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers

Rims                                        :           9.00 x 17” steel wheels rated to 1550 kg each

Tires                                        :           Hankook Dynapro 37 x 12.5 R17 rated to 1650 kg

Run flat inserts                       :           Fitted as standard

STIS                                         :           Optional

Brakes                                     :           Front – ventilated 4 piston heavy duty disc brakes

Rear – 4 piston disc brakes



Top Speed                               :           100 km/h

Turning Circle                          :           14.4 m (curb to curb)

Fuel Range                              :           800 km

Grade ability                           :           60%

Static Side Slope                     :           30%

Vertical Step                           :           350 mm

Trench Crossing                      :           750 mm

Fording                                    :           700 mm (Unprepared)



The vehicle can be operated effectively in ambient temperatures ranging from – 20°C to + 55 °C



Ballistic protection                 :           The crew compartment all round protection against Kinetic Energy weapons conforms to STANAG 4569 Level I.

Mine Protection                     :           STANAG 4569 Level I


OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (Please consult Sales Department for possible combinations)

  • Electric winch (up to 9 ton capacity)
  • Public address system
  • Acoustic deterring system
  • Intercom
  • Alternator upgrade
  • Auxiliary service battery with smart isolator switch and battery monitor
  • Blast attenuating seats
  • Interior weapon mounts
  • VHF/UHF communication system
  • MF/HF communication system
  • GPS
  • DVR
  • GSM based live video monitoring system
  • Tracking system (depends on deployment region)
  • Smoke grenade launchers (up to 4 clusters in the roof corners)
  • Multiple launch system for smoke grenades
  • Roof turret with ring bearing and split hatch
  • Remote controlled weapon station
  • Gunshot detection system
  • Remote controlled search lights
  • Forward looking thermal camera
  • Reverse day/night camera
  • Perimeter day/night cameras
  • Outboard telescopic mast (pneumatically or electrically operated)
  • IR driving and convoy lights
  • Overpressure air filtration system (2+5 seating layout only)
  • Semi automatic tire inflation system
  • Ballistic protection upgrade STANAG 4569 Level 2