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Armored Cars in Ghana

If you’re moving cash or other valuables throughout Ghana, you need cash-in-transit armored vehicles to protect your precious cargo. As any industry that uses cash-in-transit can present an attractive target for criminals.

With the increased level of sophistication by today’s criminals, bulletproof vehicles are no longer a luxury but a necessity. And we make it our mission to help you achieve safe and effective transport with our armored carstrucksvans, and more. You can count on the expertise of The Armored Group to ensure you have the armored vehicle you need to protect your valuable assets so that they will arrive safely and on time anywhere in Ghana.

Ghana is one of the top tourist destinations in West Africa. With its rich history and picturesque landscapes, it attracts scores of tourists each year. It also has a vibrant business community in need of security services to transport their cash and valuables from one location to another throughout the country. This is where our armored vehicles come in handy, check out our inventory of new armored vehicles.


With one of the largest and most diverse inventories of armored vehicles in the industry, The Armored Group has both the experience and expertise you need to ensure your precious cargo is secure while in transit. Whether it’s cash, jewelry, or art, our services afford the necessary protection while guaranteeing your peace of mind. Don’t gamble with your security. Talk to us instead.

At The Armored Group, we take our work of ensuring your protection seriously. That is why over the years, we have been the go-to company when it comes to custom designing and building armored transportation for military, government, celebrities and businesses that can truly be trusted.

We continue to assist our customers reduce their risks by providing exceptional safe, and secure armored vehicles for purchase. Thus, allowing you to transport your precious cargo effectively. The Armored Group team is fully dedicated to delivering excellence in armored vehicles to add to your fleet in Ghana.

Our highly trained and skilled personnel offer the highest degree of excellence from design to ballistics proofing to customer service and support. We work together to ensure that your custom designed armored vehicle is able to protect your valuable goods during transit. Our protective armor vehicles are designed to help boost your team’s ability to arrive at their destination as expected, along with the valuables and goods they are transporting, even if an attempt is made.


As the world recovers from the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, crime has gone up in a lot of places, including in Ghana. This means it’s now more important than ever that businesses do not take any chances when transporting cash and other valuables. Whether it’s a routine cash transport or a special delivery of other valuables, you want your company protected by one of the foremost global leaders in armored vehicles that has a proven track record for excellence. The Armored Group prides itself on being an industry leader and can provide you with the needed peace of mind for all of your armored vehicle needs.


In addition to providing security for cash and valuables, we understand that the most precious cargo is you. It’s no coincidence that abductions of high-profile people and their family members are on the rise. Bodyguards cannot provide absolute protection, especially during transit. The answer is armored vehicles. These can protect against live ammunition, ballistic attacks, and even accidents.

Additionally, your transport doesn’t even need to look like an armored vehicle. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can transform ordinary-looking cars into formidable armored vehicles. This ensures you and your precious cargo can be guaranteed the necessary security while still blending with the rest of the traffic.


At the Armored Group, you can be assured the highest level of integrity, excellence, and respect. Our relationships are built on utmost trust and communication. That is why we have earned a reputation for providing the most reliable, responsive, and personalized cash-in-transit vehicles and armored cars in Ghana. We can also up-armor the existing vehicles in your fleet to make them bulletproof. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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