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Armored Cars For Sale in Mexico

In an ever-changing and unpredictable world, the need for armored cars and other vehicles from The Armored Group has become paramount in Mexico. In this country, the demand for bulletproof vehicles has escalated due to increasing safety concerns. Thankfully, The Armored Group offers a range of dependable armored vehicles that cater to diverse needs, ensuring the safer transportation of people and goods all across the country. Learn more about our armored cars for sale in Mexico below:

The Importance of Armored Cars in Mexico

Security challenges in Mexico have made armored vehicles a necessity for businesses, government entities, law enforcement, the military, and private individuals alike. These vehicles provide greater protection against potential threats, such as armed attacks, roadside ambushes, and criminal activity. Fortunately, armored vehicles from The Armored Group offer peace of mind, enabling more secure movement for personnel, valuables, and important documents in Mexico communities, making them an essential investment in these uncertain times.

Wide Selection of Armored Vehicles for Every Purpose

The Armored Group offers an impressive array of bulletproof cars and other vehicles, catering to various industries and requirements. The main categories available from our team of armoring experts in Mexico include the following:


Armored sedans provide discreet protection for executives, diplomats, and other high-profile individuals who require low-profile security without compromising on safety.


At The Armored Group, our armored SUVs combine luxury, comfort, and advanced security features, making them ideal for both personal and corporate use.


Our armored trucks are designed to help safeguard valuable cargo during transportation, ensuring it reaches its destination intact and secure.


Armored vans from The Armored Group are well-suited for transporting larger groups of people, such as VIPs, employees, or dignitaries, in a more secure and more protected environment.


Armored Cash-in-Transit vehicles are crucial for financial institutions, helping to safeguard the transport of cash and valuable assets between locations in Mexico.

Law Enforcement

The Armored Group provides specialized armored vehicles for law enforcement agencies, enhancing their capabilities during critical operations.

Military Vehicles

Military-grade armored cars are available for the armed forces in Mexico and are designed to help withstand the most challenging environments and threats in the country.

The Armored Group - Your Trusted Partner

Choosing the right manufacturer and supplier for your armored vehicles is of utmost importance. With a legacy of over 25 years, The Armored Group has earned its reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of armored transport solutions. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

Certifications, Testing, Service & Quality

When it comes to our armored vehicles, the importance of certifications and rigorous testing cannot be understated. We adhere to strict ballistic standards, ensuring our vehicles meet or exceed expectations. As a result of our pursuit for top-quality armored cars, our bulletproof armor and glass has been tested and independently certified, providing our clients with greater assurance when it comes to the safety and security of our vehicles.

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If you are considering purchasing armored cars in Mexico, look no further than The Armored Group. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right vehicle for your specific needs. Whether you require discreet protection for VIPs, secure transportation for valuable assets, or specialized vehicles for military or law enforcement purposes, we have readily available solutions.


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