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Armored Cars in Kenya

Shop Armoured Vehicle Inventory for Passenger & Cargo Transportation throughout Kenya and Mideast African Countries

At The Armored Group, we dedicate our lives to creating secure vehicles. Many use our vehicles for passenger and product transport in hostile territories. We understand that secure passenger transport for diplomats and government officials is a necessity in Kenya and other Mideast countries in Africa. You can count on us to build vehicles designed to protect your most precious cargo. If you are in the market for armoured protection designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicle types, we invite you to browse our vehicle selection!

Why Should I Choose a Custom Armoured Car, Truck or SUV?

We have provided custom vehicle design to Kenya, United States and the United Arab Emirates for more than two decades. We use ground-breaking armoured plating and communications technology in all our high-end bulletproof vehicles. We can transform any luxury vehicle models into an armored fortress on wheels. This technology enables you to pass through some of the most dangerous environments and survive.

We test and surpass all industry vehicle customization certifications. This accreditation provides you peace of mind when buying from The Armored Group, LLC. Here is a list of our highly desired armoured cars, trucks and SUVs in Africa:

  • Toyota Land Cruisers
  • Mercedes Sedans & Sprinter Vans
  • GMC Trucks & SUVs
  • Dodge Cargo Transportation Vans
  • Lexus Sedans & SUVs
  • Ford Trucks & Vans

We have unparalleled dedication to creating vehicles to serve as a safe haven no matter where you travel throughout Kenya and other African countries. Our custom vehicles include high-tech communications for accessibility in even the most remote of locations. We use advancements in vehicle manufacturing to keep our security level vehicles affordable for you.

Rely on The Armored Group for your cargo or passenger transportation business in Kenya. Browse our inventory online to see which vehicles meet your budget and safety needs. Talk with our team today to learn more about our new and used custom armoured vehicle inventory. Call us from wherever you are in Kenya toll-free at 1-855-824-7233.

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