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The Armored Group’s newest factory location is conveniently located near Hannover, Germany. Formerly known as JPA Armouring, we came into the facility with completely new management and improved the manufacturing plant to accommodate even your secure travel needs. We brought decades of experience in armored vehicle chassis customization to Germany to deliver even higher quality manufacturing practices for the region.

We transform all types of German-made cars, trucks, and SUVs into affordable armored and specialty vehicles for your needs. Since 1992, we have been among those that pioneered the armored car industry with cutting-edge vehicle customization, state-of-the-art materials, and unbeatable quality of protection.

Our experts serve all types of markets from Heads of State and diplomats to first responders, civilians, and transportation companies. When you buy a German armored car from us, you know it will be discretely outfitted to meet your protective needs. In fact, our OEM practices allow us to maintain all the luxury touches in high-end models, like those inside Lexus and Range Rover models, without adding bulk.

Our capabilities go beyond adding armored plates or bullet-resistant glass. Look to us for:

  • Commercial truck or trailer chassis conversions for first responders, public authorities, or business fleets
  • Unbeatable service, repair, and maintenance of armored vehicles
  • Complete paint customization for vehicles of all sizes, including buses, commercial trucks, and even boats
  • Lighting packages and discrete installation of other getaway tactics, such as smoke screens, run flat tires, and off-road packages
  • Armored rentals and armored airport transfers


The Armored Group is certified by manufacturers of armored steel plates and bullet-resistant glass as well as Beschussamt München for blast testing and armoring packages up through VPAM BRV VR10. We can provide proof of these certificates upon request, so you know what you’re getting when you invest in our capabilities.

TAG Meets Quality Standards of German Auto Manufacturing Practices

To ensure we meet the quality expectations for customizing vehicles in Germany, The Armored Group can provide proof of ballistics certificates upon request. This way you know what you’re receiving quality work when you invest in our capabilities. We are certified by manufacturers of armored steel plates and bullet-resistant glass. Additionally, Beschussamt München has certified us for blast testing and armoring packages up through VPAM BRV VR10.

The most popular makes we transform for civilians, passenger transport, government officials, and first responders include:

  • Lexus SUVs
  • Mercedes Benz SUVs
  • Nissan SUVs and Trucks
  • Toyota Trucks and SUVs

No matter what your desired make and model transformation, our experts can turn it into a safe haven for you. It is our hope you will never need to see the protection perform at its finest, but we guarantee your ability to make it to a safe place to recover. Learn more about our capabilities and view our available German armored cars for sale by contacting us today! The Armored Group has five manufacturing locations worldwide and is trusted by military branches and law enforcement agencies everywhere.

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