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Armored Cash-in-Transit Vehicles

Our cash-in-transit vans and trucks offer secure, reliable transportation when it matters most.

The Armored Group is dedicated to creating some of the most secure cash-in-transit vehicles on the market today. Our vehicles are trusted to transport everything from currency to precious metals, bullion, and other valuables, all while protecting the driver and passengers from assault. We offer everything from ready-made traditional route trucks, cutaway Y-vans and cargo vans to custom-built trucks. Our team can customize any chassis to give you the best protection possible for your needs.

When the going gets tough, The Armored Group has what you need to get out alive. Our cash-in-transit vehicles are designed to blend in to any environment to avoid detection and prevent confrontation whenever possible. When avoidance is not an option, take advantage of a large selection of armoring features, along with several custom options and upgrades you can choose to personalize your cash-in-transit vehicle. Armoring features include:

  • Vertical panel protection
  • Certified bullet-resistant glass
  • Roof protection
  • Blast protection
  • Door overlap protection
  • Upgraded suspension systems
  • Run-flat tire systems
Cash In Transit Truck

We create vehicles for every industry, including banks, retail, small businesses, and even companies transporting police and military supplies. There is no end to the number of uses for these ultra-safe vehicles. Choose from different levels of round protection to upgrade your experience and enhance security.

Whether you are transporting valuables alone or need to transport personnel as well, our professional finishing and spacious interiors make The Armored Group’s cash-in-transit vehicles an obvious choice. Comfort does not end inside the vehicle. Choose an upgraded suspension system for superior handling that will allow for a wider range of maneuvers at higher speeds. This could be the upgrade that saves your business – or your life.

When the stakes are high, turn to the experts at The Armored Group. Contact us today for a vehicle quote or request a custom vehicle made specifically for you.

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