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Armored Cars in the Bosnia and Herzegovina

When it comes to high-quality armored cars in Bosnia and Herzegovina, customers turn to The Armored Group. Whether you’re transporting money, precious metals, bullion, or other valuables, we have distinguished ourselves as the go-to source for bulletproof and armored vehicles.

We have over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering armored vehicles to large companies and VIP individuals all over the world. All of our cars are built in an ISO-certified manufacturing plant that adheres to stringent quality control requirements. Consequently, every car, van or truck we sell or rent in Bosnia and Herzegovina meets the highest quality in terms of consistency, and reliability.

Bosnia and Herzegovina have a unique history. The country was once commonly known as Yugoslavia. But following social and ethnic tensions in 1992, it split into two resulting in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the country and its major hub Sarajevo enjoy a fragile peace, the region remains volatile as old animosities simmer beneath the surface. This has given rise to a climate of insecurity which makes it risky to transport cash, valuables and even important persons across the country. That is where The Armored Group comes in.

Transporting money and other valuables in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be dangerous. Cash trucks are frequently targeted by armed criminals. To secure money, valuables, and lives, The Armored Group offers four different types of armored vehicles: Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), Personal Protection Vehicles (PPV), Cash-in-Transit (CIT) vehicles, and Military Vehicles.

Our vehicles come with vertical panel protection, certified bullet-resistant glass, roof protection, blast protection, door overlap protection, upgraded suspension systems, and run-flat tire systems. In addition to looking professional, our vehicles are also designed to blend with their surroundings in order to remain inconspicuous. This is especially important when transporting important personalities through busy population centers.

Some of our automobile applications are listed in more detail below:

CIT (Cash-in-Transit) Vehicles

Transporting cash, valuables, and VIPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a hazardous undertaking. That is why The Armored Group is committed to creating the safest cash-in-transit vehicles on the market. Our CIT vehicles are renowned for securing money, precious metals, bullion, and other valuables while also safeguarding the lives of the passengers.

Need to customize a vehicle to provide cash-in-transit services? No problem. Using cutting-edge tools and extensive experience, our skilled technicians can transform any vehicle and modify any chassis. Over the years we have modified numerous trucks, cutaway Y-vans, armored GMC trucks, SUVs, freightliners and cargo vans.

Armored Cars for Law Enforcement

The Armored Group also provides armored law enforcement vehicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our vehicles, vans, SUVs, and trucks are specifically designed to operate in high-risk situations such as active shooter incidents, barricaded suspects, search and rescue operations, and high-risk warrant execution. Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Bomb Detection, Diplomatic Protection, and Fire

Responses are all available.

All our armored vehicles have established themselves as the gold standard for police and other law enforcement groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Military Tactical Vehicles

The Armored Group also provides ballistic hummers and tactical vehicles for the military. Our vehicles and armored trucks are reinforced with high-tech materials and metal plating that make them particularly resistant to various sorts of assaults including live ammunition, fire, and ballistics. Our engineers work with the military to create vehicles that can navigate a wide range of defensive and offensive scenarios while still providing exceptional performance.

Special Applications

In addition to CIT, law enforcement, and military tactical vehicles, we can use sophisticated techniques to customize any other vehicle to fit your specific needs. These include armoured buses, cadillacs, suburbans, security towers, and even gasoline tankers.

We also offer up-armoring for your existing vehicles from a whole fleet of vehicles needing to be armored or an individual vehicle - we can do it all. Contact us to see how we can help.

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All our vehicles meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Our friendly and knowledgeable sales specialists have over 25 years of experience in assessing needs and crafting customized armored vehicle solutions that fit your unique circumstances.

Contact us right away when you're ready to see how we can assist you with all of your custom armored vehicle needs or even the up-armoring of your existing fleet of vehicles.

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