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Armored Cars In Peru

In Peru, The Armored Group offers an elite line of armored vehicles – from luxury SUVs to cash-in-transit vehicles and everything in between. If you have cargo to keep safer, as well as passengers, consider partnering with The Armored Group for all of your armored vehicle needs. Our team of highly trained professionals makes the safety and security of our clients and their cargo a reality. We can help you with a fully optimized armored car build, regardless if you have a military, law enforcement, or civilian need for an armored vehicle.

Customized Armored Vehicles Available in Peru

The Armored Group offers the ability to customize and outfit your existing fleet. We also have a selection of new and used armored vehicles available for purchase from our extensive inventory. Any of which can be further enhanced to fit your specific requirements.

New Armored Vehicles

It is important to note that The Armored Group expertly customizes vehicles from some of the top names in the automotive industry, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Cadillac, Ford, and more. Our inventory of new armored vehicle offerings is impressive and can fit many different needs.

Outfitting Existing Fleets with Bullet Proofing

If you have an existing fleet of vehicles and are interested in outfitting them with bulletproofing; we can bring your vehicle up to exceptional levels of ballistic safety, as if it were a new build. For details on this process, consider scheduling a consultation with our team of armored car experts.

Used Armored Vehicle Inventory in Peru

If you are in the market for a used armored vehicle in Peru, you can explore our extensive offering of used armored sedans, armored vans, and more. These vehicles offer high levels of protection at competitive prices.

Premium Ballistics Protection

The Armored Group offers incredible levels of ballistic protection, so that our armored vehicles keep cargo and occupants as safe as possible from all manner of threat. Our job is to protect you and your team from threat risks such as assassination attempts, street gangs, terrorists, riots and even advanced tactile assaults.

The technology we employ in the design of our armored vehicles helps protect drivers, passengers, and cargo from shotguns, machetes, handguns, knives, and explosives. These weapons become less of a threat to occupants or cargo once in one of our fully customizable bulletproof cars. At The Armored Group, our state-of-the-art security vehicles feature multi-layered reinforced ballistic glass as well as a chassis reinforced with layered hardened steel.

Each of our processes and procedures in armoring vehicles is compliant with high levels and standards in bulletproofing. Our bulletproof armor and glass are independently certified and offer exceptional protection.

Forward Command Armored Vehicles and Armored Surveillance Vehicles in Peru

Here at The Armored Group, we custom-build forward command vehicles that provide a tactile advantage to your team who are directly out in the field. These armored vehicles are engineered to provide maximum protection. We can even design an armored vehicle to appear as nondescript and as low-key as possible. Outfitting it so that it is also fully maximized for protection. These types of units are perfect for undercover surveillance and operations. Plus, like all of our armored vehicles, they are reinforced with remarkable ballistics protection.

The Armored Group - Building World-Class Armored Vehicles Since 1992

The Armored Group has been a leader in the armored car industry since our inception. We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line armored vehicles to our clients. We offer a wide range of vehicles in Peru, including customized tactical security vehicles and others.

Our Clients and Testimonials

Our vehicles keep esteemed clients, such as celebrities, VIPs, important diplomats, politicians, and many others, safer during transport. Our client list also includes notable companies like SAAB, DynCorp International, General Electric, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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As a leading armored car manufacturer, the team at The Armored Group looks forward to working with you for your armored vehicle needs in Peru! Our team of experts can design and build a customized secure transport to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more information about our armored trucks, SUV’s, cars and more that are available in our Peru inventory.

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