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Armored Vehicles by The Armored Group

At The Armored Group, we strive to make each armored vehicle as affordable as they are state-of-the-art. We offer a host of new and used bulletproof vehicles for sale or lease, including makes and models from the automotive industry’s biggest names like Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet. We know how important the work we do is, and we are proud to provide the secure cars, trucks and SUVs our clients need to fend off potential attacks.

No matter how large or important the cargo you need to transport, we will find you the exact light armored vehicle(s) required to get the job done. We can custom design not only the exterior of the vehicle, but the interior areas, as well. Our goal is to make the vehicle you choose fit your precise specifications. Thanks to our extremely experienced and skilled tactical vehicle manufacturing team, you can be assured that each new or used armored vehicle will address your every need.

  • We only begin armor vehicle construction after an in-depth discussion with our clients that evaluates all of their needs
  • Operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that every armored vehicle is designed and constructed to offer maximum safety for both cargo and crew
  • Continuous safety is never in doubt when it comes to the reliable safety solutions offered by our fabrication and manufacturing experts

By having our custom designers reinforce your van, truck or car selection, you will know that you are getting the maximum protection possible. Our new and pre-owned bullet-resistant vehicles have every safety feature you could imagine, and we always implement the most advanced technology, engineering and ballistics protection into each of our custom designs. Our company has a variety of armored vehicles for sale or lease, and we look forward to helping you find one that suits your particular needs and budget.

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