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Armored Rolls Royce

All of our Available Rolls Royce Armored Vehicles

We want to be your armored Rolls Royce OEM company, and you’ll love the results we offer.

Are you seeking an armored Rolls Royce OEM manufacturer? If so, we would love to speak with you. The Armored Group is a well-respected armored car company, and our ability to create bulletproof vehicles that stand up to the most dangerous situations is legendary. Receiving an OEM armored Rolls Royce from our company is a truly unique experience. When we create a bullet-resistant sedan, we do so with your exact specifications in mind and the very latest in engineering and technology at our fingertips. Our clients reside in some of the most volatile hotspots in the world. These clients need an OEM armored manufacturer with a track record of creating vehicles that offer the ultimate in protection and safety. Learn more about our Bentleys for sale or lease, and how we can go about customizing the bulletproof cars you need to suit your very specific needs. We do it every day, and nobody does it better.

Our company has set a standard other OEM armored manufacturers have strived to live up to since 1992. Each and every OEM armored Rolls Royce we create is a unique entity unto itself, and addresses the security needs of the client who ordered it across the board.

  • We offer a variety of makes and models of bullet-resistant cars ranging from sedans and trucks to SUVS, military vehicles and more
  • As your armored Rolls Royce OEM (original equipment manufacturer) we will create a vehicle or fleet of vehicles that offer unrivaled protection
  • Our armored car company services clients all over the world
  • We can ship by boat, plane or train depending on your needs

When you complete your due diligence regarding the bulletproof car industry, you’ll know firsthand why The Armored Group is such a respected name industry wide. You may contact us by calling (855) 824-7233. Let’s break down your needs in a security vehicle, and discuss a reinforced luxury vehicle that exceeds your wildest expectations. You’ll be glad you put your trust in the most trusted name in bulletproof security vehicles.