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Armored Cars For Sale in Central America

Armored cars and other bulletproof vehicles are available for sale in Central America from The Armored Group. In a vast region that faces unique security challenges, armored vehicles have become a crucial asset for the safer transportation of people and goods in various Central American countries. As the demand for high-level protection rises, The Armored Group offers a comprehensive range of bulletproof cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and more tailored to cater to the diverse needs of the area.

The Importance of Armored Cars in Central America

Central America is no stranger to security concerns, including criminal activities like theft and abduction, as well as threats to public safety. In such an environment, armored cars play a vital role in helping to safeguard the lives of individuals and the secure delivery of valuable goods. From business executives and other VIPs to government officials, law enforcement agencies, and military, those who need enhanced protection can rely on armored vehicles from The Armored Group.

Wide Array of Armored Vehicles for Sale in Central America

The Armored Group offers an extensive selection of armored vehicles in Central America that cater to various requirements in the region. Our options include:


Armored sedans are a popular choice for corporate executives and diplomats seeking discreet protection without compromising on comfort and style.


Ideal for government officials and private individuals, our armored SUVs combine off-road capabilities with superior protection and ample space.


Armored trucks from The Armored Group are designed to withstand hostile environments while ensuring safer transportation of valuable cargo and personnel.


Our armored vans are essential for more secure transportation of large groups – be it dignitaries, employees, or prisoners. They are also helpful for transporting goods more safely.


Armored Cash-In-Transit vehicles offer the utmost security for transporting currency, precious metals, and other valuable assets.

Law Enforcement

At The Armored Group, our bulletproof law enforcement vehicles provide top-notch protection for police and security personnel engaged in high-risk operations.

Military Vehicles

Designed for military and defense forces, our robust armored military vehicles offer greater protection and mobility for challenging terrains in Central America.

Why Choose The Armored Group?

The team from The Armored Group has solidified its position as a leading provider of bulletproof cars in Central America for several reasons. With our many years of experience, we have honed our expertise in designing, customizing, and enhancing top-tier vehicles with our armoring techniques. Our team understands that each client's needs in Central America are unique, which is why we offer many armored vehicle solutions to ensure the right fit for virtually every application.

Certifications, Testing, & Quality

At The Armored Group, our commitment to excellence extends to our certifications, testing, and quality control processes. Our armored vehicles undergo rigorous ballistic testing. Thankfully, this testing has allowed our bulletproof armor and glass to be independently certified. In doing so, our clients can have greater assurance that our armored cars will perform as expected in real-world scenarios.

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If you are in Central America and in need of armored transportation solutions, consider armored cars and other vehicles from The Armored Group’s team of experts. In a region where security challenges persist, investing in our bulletproof cars is an essential step for ensuring safer transportation of people and goods. Our diverse range of certified, tested, and high-quality armored vehicles makes us the top choice for those seeking unmatched protection and peace of mind in Central America.

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