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Armored Cars In Turkey

If you are in the market for increased security and have need of an armored truck or armored car for your team, business or operation we are here to help!

Our Inventory of Armored Cars

Bullet proof cars are more than a luxury, often they are a necessity when you are a large corporation, in the military or protection services, are a celebrity or VIP. Our bullet proof process sets the industry standard for excellence for our precise technology and reinforced steel layering process, keeping you, your passengers and your cargo safe. Learn more about our bullet proofing.

Whether you are needing a fleet of bullet proof vehicles or just one, make sure they are the best on the market by purchasing from The Armored Group. Check out our new inventory armored vehicle offerings. Or if you are in the market for a used armored truck, car, van or SUV browse our pre-owned armored vehicles.

Premium Ballistics Protection

At The Armored Group our focus has always been on the safety of our clients and their valuable cargo, that is why we are so dedicated to ensuring each of our armored vehicles passes rigorous testing so that our armored vehicles provide optimal security. We reinforce our armored trucks and armored cars as though they are going to carry the most precious of all cargos. Passengers, cargo, yourself and/or your team will be kept safe from a countless variety of possible attacks. Learn more about what level of attacks our vehicles can withstand.

Client Testimonials

The Armored Group hires only world class technicians, fabricators and staff, to work here at The Armored Group is to live and breath our progressive client centric focus. We are dedicated to making your armored vehicle experience beyond a first rate experience. Our vehicles are the best in the industry, and we stand behind them. Don’t take our word for it though, you can read more about what our clients have to say about us.

Types of Turkey Armored Vehicles Available:

Custom Armored Vehicles
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC)
Armored SUV
Armored Trucks
Armored Sedans
Armored Limousines
Armored Vans
Cash In Transit Armored Vehicles
Special Purpose Armored Vehicles
Armored Land Cruisers
New Armored Vehicles
Assorted Used Armored Vehicles
Have your existing vehicle Up-Armored into an armored vehicle

Grant Assistance Available

We will help you navigate the terrain of the available grants in Turkey. Contact our office and speak with one of our highly skilled experts.

Financing Options Available

Have a need for an armored vehicle but your budget isn’t quite ready for the investment? We are happy to help connect you with the financing options available in Turkey; to get you into your customized armored vehicle. Contact our office to see what financing options are available in Turkey.

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The Armored Group is a highly specialized and trained team ready to assist you. We will do an initial call to evaluate your needs and do a full threat analysis of what you and your team might encounter. We will then be able to identify if any upgrades or further enhancements need to be made to your fully customizable armored vehicle. We look forward to working with you!

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