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Stay Safer With Armored Cars in Romania

When it comes to keeping yourself, your team and your valuables safer in Romania, armored cars by The Armored Group provide the best armored vehicles for sale or lease. The Armored Group creates custom armored vehicles that stand the test of time and potential threats.

If you’re transporting money, jewels, or other valuable assets in Romania, you need bulletproof vehicles that you can’t count on. They keep your valuables and employees safer while in transit to their destination.

There are many reasons why you might require armored vehicles, from personal safety, protecting business VIPs, military purposes to law enforcement. Check out the many ways we can keep you, your team and your valuables safer.

Armored Military Vehicles in Romania

Military and law enforcement vehicles need to be able to take a beating and keep going even if they are under attack from bullets, thrown projectiles, and more. They need to protect your soldiers, equipment and visiting personnel.

That’s why countless countries trust The Armored Group to protect their troops with the highest quality armored vehicles on the market. We provide ballistic protection and numerous types of specialty armored vehicles, from Hummers to personnel carriers.

Our vast selection of armored vehicles offer various types of armored vehicles from those that can stand out in a crowd to make your presence known or custom tailored armored vehicles to seamlessly blend into standard street traffic. The most important aspect of our armored military vehicles is the safety of your personnel and their ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently regardless of potential threats or an outright attack.

VIP Security

If you’re a Romanian businessman, celebrity, sports star, or other VIP, then your affluence makes you a potential target for kidnappers and others. So don’t trust your security to a standard car. Your protection is our greatest concern, so we created SUVs and sedans that look normal but stand up to everything from unruly crowds to ballistic protection.

The danger doesn’t have to come from defiant criminals, but everyday people who get overzealous seeing their Hollywood idols, favorite politicians, or sports stars. The protections in our VIP security vehicles are subtle but are designed to work when needed because your safety is our top priority.

It’s not just for you or employees either. If you have family members, keep them safer while they are in our armored vehicles as well.

Armored Cars for Cash Transport

The world may be primarily digital, but that doesn’t mean physical items and valuables don’t need to be transported from point A to point B. Our armored cash-in-transit vehicles look intimidating to help to ward off criminals from even making an attempt, but beyond that they’re outfitted with state-of-the-art protection to help keep your valuable items, cash and personnel safe.

You could be carrying cash between banks, jewels from a personal collection to a museum, or proprietary information or inventions that you don’t want to risk falling into the hands of competitors or other unsavory sorts. It doesn’t matter what you are carrying, only that it is afforded every protection if someone tries to compromise it. Don’t trust anyone other than The Armored Group to design a custom armored cash in transit vehicle to help you protect your belongings.

Our Vehicles Meet All Safety Standards

One key aspect of armored vehicles that people don’t realize is the armored car, truck, SUV or van needs to provide superior protection. It also needs to meet all requirements for on-the-road use. It’s not just important that they stop bullets and help to protect you from outside forces, but also work for whatever terrain they’re designed for, whether sandy desert or urban highway.

Every part of our armored vehicles is the best in the market, because we start with the most notable and reputable vehicle manufactures in the world. Starting from such a great base point allows for our armored vehicles to ideally last longer before needing repair or replacement. In the event that you do need replacement parts, we are happy to work with you to procure whatever you need.

It’s crucial that our inventory of armored vehicles and replacement parts includes the most state-of-the-art armored, bullet proofing and security available, so we’re constantly looking to build and improve our offerings.

Learn More About Armored Cars in Romania

Romania is a beautiful country steeped in centuries of history. It seems like a safe place from the outside, but you never know what danger lurks around the corner. You need to keep your team, your valuables and family as well as yourself as safe as possible from potential harmful outside influences using our armored cars.

Whether you need armored personnel carriers for your security forces, cash-in-transit vehicles for your valuables, or custom personal protection armored vehicles we have the best in the market. If you want to learn more about our selection of armored vehicles, please feel free to contact us today.

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