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Armored Cars in Argentina

For decades, The Armored Group has been supplying first-class armored cars to individuals, agencies, governments, and countries worldwide, including Argentina. With the security situation around the world deteriorating, armored security vehicles are more important than ever. From carjackings and kidnappings to street crime and organized crime, numerous threats can be faced at any moment while in a vehicle. With our first-class armored vehicles providing unmatched security, we remove the hesitation that comes with traveling from point A to point B.

Why The Armored Group is a First Class Company

Besides our talented and skilled team, one of our major distinguishing factors is our ongoing R&D program. Because we are constantly testing new things and pushing armored vehicle technology to its limits, we offer our clients the very best.

Our armored vehicles are used globally, including by law enforcement agencies, private businesses, militaries, governments, and citizens. Our vehicles are fully customizable to match anyone’s needs, and we are able to seamlessly blend security with style and comfort.

Why Our Armored Vehicles Are Highly Sought After

Whether it's banks looking for cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles or law enforcement vehicles, we can provide a solution. The Armored Group has provided military armored vehicles to the Argentine army. Our armored cars, trucks, and vehicles are very effective at not only avoiding threats in the first place but facing them head-on as well.

For avoiding threats, most of our vehicles are designed to blend while in public. However, if a security threat is detected, the vehicles are designed to withstand the attack or evacuate the scene while helping to keep both cargo and passengers intact. This is achieved via our ballistic and blast-resistant armor, shatterproof glass, and run-flat tires.

What We Do To Help You

We live in a world where, unfortunately, safety can’t be taken for granted—and a vehicle is one of the most vulnerable places you can be. The structure of the vehicle can be the determining factor in who survives and who doesn’t. And although armored vehicles may look similar on the outside, it is the unseen qualities that truly make the difference. Because everything we make undergoes extensive certification and testing to ensure top quality, we know that we are saving lives and keeping valuables protected.

Some Benefits & Features Of Our Armored Vehicles

  • GPS - Because our vehicles come equipped with GPS, it improves your overall awareness and safety.
  • Spare parts in stock - By having spare parts in stock at all times, we can replace parts in your vehicle if need be.
  • Run-flat tires - Run-flat tires ensure that you can escape to a safer spot even if a tire gets blown out.
  • Bullet resistant glass - Bullet resistant glass can stop bullets in their tracks and protect the occupants of the vehicle.
  • Satellite phones - With satellite phones, you will always have a way to communicate with the outside world.
  • Inconspicuous look - Our vehicles are made to blend in with other vehicles on the road, which avoids unwanted attention.
  • Further customizable security add-ons - From night vision display to upgraded armoring and road tack dispensers, there are a wide variety of additional add-ons that your vehicle can be equipped with.
  • Bleeding edge technology - At TAG, we make sure we keep up with the latest technology changes with our R&D program.

A Rundown of Our Company

The Armored Group has been in the armored car industry for about 30 years. During that time, we have acquired valuable skills and experience. Today, we are an international company that competes with the very best on all levels, whether it be quality, price, or delivery time.

Our armored cars improve security, give peace of mind, and help with security threats that may be faced all over the world, including Argentina. Our fully customizable armored vehicles can be made to accommodate passengers in both avoiding and escaping threats while traveling from one location to another.

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