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Middle East Office For The Armored Group (TAG) - Located in Ras al Kaimah, UAE

TAG - Middle East FZC

Address: Plot #13 & #14
Al Hamra Industrial Zone
RAKEZ, Al Jazeera Al Hamra
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Phone: +971-7-244-7033

Purchase armored vehicles from the premier manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates, The Armored Group

Teaming up with The Armored Group to satisfy your exacting needs for specialty and armored vehicles is an intelligent move. You want a company to stand behind you that takes your security and safety needs seriously. Our dedication to the details is what makes us so successful in the armored vehicle industry. We have been dedicated to our clients safety and that of their precious cargo.

Customization and Inventory

We offer the ability to customize and tailor any vehicle to suit your specific requirements. We offer a full and robust selection of vehicles and vehicle types - featuring everything from Law Enforcement Vehicles, Custom Special Purpose Vehicles, Custom Armored Vehicles, Cash In Transit Armored Vehicles, Special Purpose Armored Vehicles, Armored Land Cruisers, New Armored Vehicles, or even Assorted Used Armored Vehicles. We also offer the option to upgrade your existing vehicle fleet with our Up-Armor Process.

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