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Latvia Can Count On The Armored Group

When Latvia needs armored vehicle protection for its citizens and military, they call on The Armored Group. Latvia is one of the Baltic states along with Estonia and Lithuania. Like many countries in that region, it has a tumultuous past extending from World War II and beyond.

Today, Latvia is a highly developed country with an expanding economy and development. That being the case, there are still rampant criminal threats, requiring the use of armored cars and trucks. The Armored Group has years of experience in custom designing highly developed armored trucks and cars. And our team is responsible for innovative research and development of these applications to continuously improve our armoring methodologies.

Military Applications for Armored Vehicles

The Latvian military is part of the NATO peacekeeping forces as well as the European Union military operations. They have troops in and around Europe and all over the world, as well as stationed in Latvia. Your troops deserve the ultimate in protection, and that comes from The Armored Group.

We have everything you need, from Humvees and Hummers to armored personnel carriers and more. When there are threats of bullets and explosives, our armor affords protection to help keep your team and valuables safe. Don’t trust the lives of your troops to anyone else. The Armored Group has a worldwide reputation for providing the best armored vehicles to military operations throughout Europe.

Personal Protection at its Finest

You never know when danger is lurking around the corner. If you are a celebrity, VIP, diplomat or well to do businessman, nefarious groups could seek you or one of your family members out for a ransom. Thankfully, you can minimize the prospective danger when driving in an armored car custom created by The Armored Group.

We provide a wide selection of armored SUVs and sedans for personal protection. We work with car manufacturers worldwide, including Mercedes and Ford, to create vehicles almost indistinguishable from the standard cars.

The difference comes when someone tries to break into the vehicle. We provide the most advanced armor and defense systems to keep you and your family members safe.

Protect Your Latvian Valuables

When you need to transport high-value items such as cash, gold, and jewelry, protect them with our cash-in-transit vehicles. Our CIT armored vehicles provide the highest degree of protection from both ballistic and explosive ordinance.

If someone tries to attack the vehicle, we have the most advanced armor technology available to protect the valuables and your staff. They risk their lives transporting your goods, so keep them as safe as possible.

We understand the importance of keeping your valuables safe from the point of exit until arrival. It's why countless businesses across the world trust The Armored Group.

Law Enforcement Teams Worldwide Use The Armored Group

Latvian law enforcement faces challenging and dangerous situations, and they need the proper equipment for each job. We provide a wide selection of armored and non-armored vehicles for law enforcement agencies.

If you need a surveillance van or crime scene van, we can assist you. If you need armored SUVs and sedans, we stock those too. We carry an extensive inventory of armored vehicles including: Armored Humvees and armored personnel carriers which are just a few of our specialties.

No matter what your need, we have the vehicle for you. Our research and development division constantly improves our armor capabilities, and every vehicle is rigorously tested.

The Armored Group is Latvia’s Best Choice

Latvia is a prosperous Baltic country, and its government, businesses, and citizens deserve the best in armored protection. The Armored Group is trusted in countries worldwide because we provide the best in armored vehicles with the latest in security systems technology.

Your loved ones, staff, officers, and agents deserve the best protection. When danger arrives, you must be ready, and our armored cars and trucks have everything you could want and more. Don’t risk the lives of your family or staff to anything less, choose The Armored Group today.

We have every type of armored vehicle you could want and can custom design an armored vehicle or fleet of vehicles to suit your needs, so contact us today and enjoy the ultimate in protection.

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