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As your armored Audi OEM company, we'll create custom vehicles that offer the best protection our industry has to offer

The Armored Group is the industry’s leading armored Audi OEM armored manufacturer. We are committed to creating armored cars that offer unrivaled protection, and if an OEM armored Audi is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. No other bulletproof car company offers what we can in the way of expertise when it comes to technology and engineering. With over two decades of experience, we know that each customer is a unique entity when it comes to what they need in a bulletproof vehicle. We’ll take the armored sedan you choose and turn it into a vehicle that sets the standard for protection and safety that other manufacturers strive to live up to. We have a number of Audis for sale or lease on our website, and we invite you to take the time to peruse our inventory for the perfect vehicle(s) to suit your needs. Call today to begin the process, and discover why the Armored Group is the choice for clients around the world.

One thing you’ll notice about our armored car company is that we take the time to listen. If we didn’t, we couldn’t have become the well-respected OEM armored manufacturer we are today. Those who come to us for their armored cars have big expectations, and we are committed to exceeding them.

  • The Armored Group has been in business since 1992
  • We are a leading provider of OEM armored Audis
  • We customize each and every one of our vehicles to meet the exact specifications of our clientele
  • We customize all of our vehicles using the very latest in advanced engineering, ballistics and technology

We create armored vehicles for clients in some of the most volatile hotspots around the world. Those clients rely on us for vehicles that are ready to perform to perfection at any moment. Our armored sedans live up to that exact standard and promise to keep passengers in your vehicles safe when the chips are down.

The Armored Group is here to answer any and all of your questions regarding our armored vehicles. Ask about our inventory of available Audis, or any other make or model you may be interested in. Our number is (602) 840-2271. You may also contact us online at We look forward serving as your armored Audi OEM manufacturer, and to creating vehicles that exceed your expectations and provide maximum safety at every turn.

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