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Armored Volkswagen Sedan

Available Volkswagen Armored Vhicles

Passenger transport is a booming industry in European, Middle Eastern, African, and Southern American countries. Look no further than the armored Volkswagen vehicle selection at The Armored Group. We can help you customize your sedan or SUV to protect you when traveling through hostile territories to your destination. It doesn’t matter if your Volkswagen runs on diesel or ethanol gas. We can convert your vehicle into left-hand or right-hand drive for international travel.

We can offer you at least seven armoring packages if you plan to convert your Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, GTI, CC Sedan, Touareg or Tiguan SUV into a bulletproof vehicle. The lightest level of armor protects drivers and passengers from smaller bullets, mostly .22 short- and long-range. Choosing the B7+ armoring means you will be protected from the bullet spray of many different caliber weapons, including M-14s, M-16s or AKs. Get started on building your custom armored Volkswagen today by giving us a call at 1.855.824.7233!