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Armored Mercedes Sedans

As your armored Mercedes Benz OEM manufacturer, The Armored Group will provide you with armored sedans engineered and designed for optimum protection when the chips are down. Our bullet-resistant cars undergo the most extreme ballistics testing to make certain they are as bulletproof as any vehicles on the market and are customized to suit the specific needs of each and every client.

When you choose The Armored Group as your OEM armored Mercedes manufacturer, you’ll be working with more than just another armored car company. Our vehicles are known for the ability to stand up to the most hostile of environments, and they set the standard for safety and performance in volatile situations. We have a number of Mercedes for sale, all of which can and will be customized to create the perfect vehicle for your needs. Our clients are serious people with very specific security protection needs, and we are equally serious about the work of keeping them safe. Call today (855) 824-7233.

Those in the market for an OEM armored manufacturer of Mercedes vehicles are certain to find what they’re looking for at The Armored Group. Our inventory of armored cars includes:

  • Mercedes S550
  • Mercedes S600
  • Mercedes GL550
  • Mercedes G500
  • And more

We serve clients both nationally and internationally, including some of the most volatile destinations in the world. We want to be your armored Mercedes OEM resource, and we use the latest cutting edge technology to assure that our vehicles are the best our industry has to offer. We are well aware of what the highest standards of safety look like in our industry because we set them in the first place. Furthermore, we are taking those levels to new and exciting places every day.

Let us help you find the perfect OEM armored Mercedes to suit your security needs. The design process is a product of communication, as we take the time to get to know you and your needs. We have the ability to engineer, design and modify vehicles for any terrain or environment, and have done so better than anyone else since our inception in 1992.

You may reach The Armored Group at (602) 840-2271, or at (855) 824-7233. Take the time to learn about our company and the reputation we’ve earned within our industry. When you do, you’ll know why we are the answer to the very important question of who should be your Mercedes Benz OEM manufacturer.

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