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Armored BMW

Passenger transport companies around the world need ballistics protection they can depend on to provide safety and refuge for important politicians, diplomats, elite clientele, and celebrities. As a leading manufacturer of armored vehicles since 1992, nobody knows this better than The Armored Group. We offer a comprehensive selection of armored cars, luxury SUVs and other tactical/security vehicles for sale. If you require state-of-the-art passenger protection without sacrificing the comfort and style of a luxury-class vehicle, look no further than our armored BMW, van and truck options.

BMW Security Vehicles are built with the highest ballistic protection standards to provide customized levels of defense for every threat, especially in dangerous locations that typically suffer from street crime or organized crime. BMW luxury armoured vehicles offer superior protection without compromise. Each vehicle is designed to survive attacks with blunt objects, armor-piercing weapons, explosive devices, handguns, and automatic weapons like AK-47s.

From custom-designed tactical vehicles that can withstand covert surveillance operations to armored BMW sedans and SUVs that have been specially constructed for use in riot control situations, The Armored Group’s transport vehicles deliver maximum safety and peace of mind. Every vehicle is constructed with hardened ballistic steel and all original glass is replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass, giving you a strategic advantage.

The Armored Group can convert any regular vehicle into a discreet tactical/security transport vehicle. For further details about the armored BMWs we sell, please call 1-602-840-2271 or contact us online today. We also have a vast array of specialized armoured BMW options for sale internationally for clients living in Europe, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

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