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Protect your finest clients in an armored Land Rover vehicle. Choose from our many exclusive custom features for armored Range Rovers.

When you are in the market for a luxury armored SUV, look no further than The Armored Group. We transform any and all makes and models into the armored vehicles you need. Our newest product designed for the passenger transportation industry is our line of armored Range Rover SUVs.

The Range Rover comes from the prestigious line of Land Rover and these vehicles are top-of-the-line when it comes to private transportation needs. Their sleek interior and body design allows for many customization opportunities to make the vehicle fit your clients’ needs.

Your high-profile clients need safety in both remote and heavily populated areas. Their transportation needs may encroach upon hostile territories, so be prepared with our custom armored plating and other tactical features to help guarantee safety in the unforeseen event of small arms fire or IEDs. Choose from the many options available at The Armored Group, including:

  • Satellite communication set-up to allow for internet, Bluetooth connectivity and other communication capabilities all around the globe
  • High-tech run flats that allow you to still travel if rubber tires shred apart
  • Armor plating around important vehicle parts for continued operation and escape efforts
  • Concealed storage to protect valuables or hide weapons and ammunition for use in desperate situations
  • Smoke machine detonation and LED lighting package to allow for distractions and quick getaways

We here at The Armored Group gained our reputation in this industry thanks to our years of experience and unmatched expertise in vehicle customization. We know that our armored vehicle capabilities and custom features can save lives in hazardous or conflicted environments. We take pride in being able to provide you several armoring packages that reinforce critical points on luxury SUVs and sedans.

Make the decision to armor up your Range Rover to protect the lives of all in the vehicle when traveling into dangerous environments. You can browse our full line of armored Range Rovers and other luxury SUVs. We offer flexible pricing options for your budget, including lightly used armored vehicles for lease or sale. Contact us today!

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