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Armored Military Vehicles in Ukraine

At The Armored Group, our team of world-class armored car designers and engineers provide countries around the globe with durable, bulletproof armored military vehicles, including those in Ukraine. Like any other country, Ukraine can benefit from owning a fleet of our high-quality armored vehicles. With them, transporting essential personnel, equipment, and other cargo is safer and more secure than ever before. We offer several varieties of armored military vehicles for differing situations and needs. Each of them is capable of being customized to suit specific environments, requirements, and more.

Ukraine & The Need for Armored Military Vehicles

Given current world events, Ukrainian military members are in need of top-quality armored military vehicles now more than ever. Armored military vehicles can help Ukrainians combat a variety of threats without needlessly jeopardizing their safety. At The Armored Group, our many military vehicles are equipped with certified bulletproof glass and steel. As a result, our armored military vehicles can repel various forms of ballistics – from handguns to more high-powered weapons. So keep your troops, equipment, and cargo in Ukraine safer with our top-of-the-line armored military vehicles.

Why Choose The Armored Group for LAVs, MRAPs, APCs, & More?

From our LAVs to our APCs, The Armored Group provides world-class armored military vehicles to clients in Ukraine. We are a leading global provider of various types of armored vehicles, and we are happy to aid our Ukrainian clients in helping to keep their personnel and cargo safer during transport. Our team possesses decades of experience in armoring and customizing vehicles, so you can expect top-quality services and products.

Vehicle Types:

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Our Line of Armored Military Vehicles for Sale in Ukraine

The Armored Group offers a considerable selection of armored military vehicles. Our many vehicles fall into one of three categories: light armored vehicles (LAVs), mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs), and armored personnel carriers (APCs). The specific models we offer in these categories include:

Contact us today for more information on each vehicle and what we currently have available for sale in Ukraine. 

Benefits of Using Our Armored Military Vehicles

No matter which style of armored military vehicles you choose to order, you can be assured that they will each offer significant benefits, especially for Ukrainian military purposes. These benefits include:


Unlike competing armored vehicles or unarmored military vehicles, our armored military vehicles are remarkably durable. At The Armored Group, we craft armored cars that not only help keep people and cargo safer but vehicles that are also built to last. As such, our armored military vehicles are able to withstand practically countless forms of wear and tear while still providing the safer, more secure transportation our clients in Ukraine expect.    

Customization Available

Each of our armored military vehicles helps address one or more specific needs a military group may face in hazardous or potentially hazardous areas and situations. And with advancing technologies, our vehicles are taking on greater responsibilities all the time. This is primarily due to our commitment and ability to customize any of our armored military vehicles for our clients. Some of the most common customizations include equipping a vehicle with a winch, countermeasures, or even surveillance and communications equipment. 

At The Armored Group, we want our armored vehicles to fit your needs, so our team is more than willing to customize what we can to meet those needs.   

Bulletproof Armoring

At The Armored Group, we equip our armored cars, trucks, vans, and especially our military vehicles with certified bulletproof armor. Both our bulletproof steel and glass have been independently tested and certified by some of the top ballistics testing laboratories in the world. As a result, we can offer our clients in Ukraine greater assurance that our armored military vehicles can help keep their military members, equipment, and cargo safer. 

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High-quality armored military vehicles from The Armored Group are for sale in Ukraine. With them, our Ukrainian clients can help keep their military members, equipment, and precious cargo safer and more secure from numerous forms of threats. To learn more about our armored military vehicles and customizations, contact us today.