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Armored Trucks for Sale in Ukraine

At The Armored Group, we are a team of armored car engineers and designers who provide durable, bulletproof armored trucks to countries around the world, including one of the largest European countries: Ukraine. Armored cars and trucks can be a benefit to everyday people, businesses, governments, law enforcement agencies, and militaries, especially our state-of-the-art armored vehicles. At The Armored Group, we use top-quality materials, including our certified bulletproof steel and glass, along with thorough testing to ensure our armored trucks can not only meet but more than likely exceed the expectations of our clients. With our armored trucks in Ukraine, people and cargo can be more safely and securely transported.

Why Ukraine Can Benefit From Armored Trucks

Ukraine, like any other country around the world, and its resilient people can benefit from owning and operating armored trucks. While there are many types of armored vehicles, armored trucks are exceptional for transporting equipment and cargo, particularly larger pieces of equipment and cargo. And with bulletproof armor, armored trucks help keep the driver and any other occupants of the vehicle safer from various types of ballistic threats. So whether it is an armored truck for personal protection or an armored military-style truck, we at The Armored Group have a truck to fit the needs of Ukrainians who desire greater safety while transporting goods.

Why Choose The Armored Group for Armored Vehicles?

At The Armored Group, we have decades of experience in crafting, customizing, testing, and selling top-of-the-line armored vehicles, which includes our many armored truck options. Our team always strives to provide our clients in Ukraine with safer, more secure forms of transportation. To accomplish this, we not only focus on offering quality customer service but also on constructing and customizing vehicles to fit their needs. We also consistently test our armored trucks, technologies, and materials to help ensure world-class quality. All of these factors and more make us the preferred choice for armored vehicles in Ukraine as well as the rest of the world.

Common Features of Our Armored Trucks

Trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and at The Armored Group, we offer many different options for armored trucks – from smaller pickup trucks to 16’ container trucks and even cash-in-transit trucks. Some of the many common features equipped to our armored trucks include:

  • Bulletproof steel and glass
  • Firewall protection between the engine and passenger compartment
  • Upgraded suspension (to compensate for the weight of the armor)
  • Floor blast protection
  • Upgraded brakes
  • Run-flat tires

Each of these features helps ensure that our armored trucks and their passengers and cargo are safer than ever.

Our Armored Military Truck: The BATT UMG Truck

At The Armored Group, we offer various types of armored vehicles, including armored military vehicles. We even offer an armored military truck: the BATT UMG Truck. This armored military truck is categorized as a light armored vehicle. It is ideal for use by law enforcement agencies as well as militaries.

Our BATT UMG Truck is an on and off-road vehicle that features ballistics protection, blast protection, and even mine protection. It is a mission-ready armored military truck that is regularly equipped with communications and surveillance systems. Like many of our other armored vehicles, the BATT UMG Truck can also be customized to include other features and technologies, including GPS, an intercom, a fire suppression system, interior weapon mounts, smoke grenade launchers, and several other options.

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Armored trucks and armored military trucks from The Armored Group, such as the BATT UMG truck, are available for sale in Ukraine. Our armored trucks and military-style trucks provide civilians, law enforcement officials, and military members with the protection they need for safer, more secure transportation, which helps protect the lives of Ukrainians and their cargo. So contact us at The Armored Group to learn more or receive a quote for armored trucks today.

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