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Armored Vehicles in Ukraine

The Armored Group is a leading provider of durable, bulletproof armored vehicles around the world, including in Eastern European countries like Ukraine. We offer a wide selection of armored cars, trucks, vans, and military vehicles, including armored personnel carriers (APCs). With our high-quality armored vehicles, Ukrainians can be better prepared for a variety of precarious situations. Our armored military vehicles and more provide people with access to safer forms of transportation and, in some cases, mobile combat. For more information on armored vehicles for sale in Ukraine, contact us at The Armored Group today.

Armored Vehicles for Sale in Ukraine

At The Armored Group, we sell armored vehicles because we want people to be safer. As such, we offer numerous types of armored vehicles to customers worldwide, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and many more options. Some of our many options include:

Whether you are a military member, a business, a law enforcement officer, or a civilian, our numerous types of armored vehicles can help fulfill a variety of needs in Ukraine for different types of people and organizations.

Why Choose Us for Armored Cars & APCs in Ukraine?

At The Armored Group, we are an experienced and leading provider of customizable armored vehicles. With our three decades of experience, we have equipped and sold thousands of quality armored cars, trucks, vans, and more. Our world-class team of engineers and designers can plan out and build nearly any type of armored vehicle – from an SUV to a 6X6 APC. With our certified bulletproof armor, our vehicles can help protect people from various threats in countries around the globe, including in Ukraine.

Vehicle Types:

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Armored Military Vehicles From The Armored Group

One of the most common armored vehicle options we offer at The Armored Group is armored military vehicles. These vehicles are ideal for various military applications on all kinds of terrain. We offer several different styles of armored military vehicles – from light armored vehicles to more heavily armored personnel carriers. 

Our selection of armored military vehicles includes:

Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs)

BATT Vehicles

Terrier Vehicles

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs)




Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)

Mastiff 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, & 10x10

No matter which you choose, our armored military vehicles are available in several configurations and can be customized to your unique needs. 

Benefits of Our Armored Military Vehicles 

At The Armored Group, we equip and customize our armored military vehicles in order to provide you with several potentially life-saving benefits. Some of these many benefits include:

Bulletproof Armor & Glass

Each of our military vehicles is equipped or capable of being equipped with our certified bulletproof steel and glass. Our bulletproof armoring has been tested by independent laboratories, which have given it their seal of approval. With it, Ukrainian military members can be kept safer from numerous types of ballistics during transport.  

Run-Flat Tires

Our military vehicles are also commonly equipped or capable of being equipped with run-flat tires. Often, during combat, threats will try to trap a vehicle by disabling its tires. However, with run-flat tires, our armored military vehicles can continue to move around for up to 50 miles – even if one or more of the tires has been punctured. This can help members of the Ukrainian military evade threats when necessary.  


Armored vehicles from us at The Armored Group are all capable of customization. For example, many of our armored military vehicles can have various types of equipment added on, such as countermeasures, winches, communications devices, and surveillance technology. At The Armored Group, we want our vehicles to fit your needs, which is why our highly skilled team is more than happy to customize and modify our armored vehicles, especially for our clients in Ukraine. 

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Durable, protective armored vehicles from The Armored Group are available for sale in Ukraine. From our passenger protection vehicles to our armored military vehicles, we have armored transportation to fit numerous uses and needs. Contact us today to learn more or receive a quote.