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8) MASTIFF 6 x 6

The Mastiff is a highly capable and customize-able vehicle produced in variants of 4,6,8 or 10 wheels.  Powered by a 600 hp Caterpillar engine with 6 speed transmission. In  a fully protected engine assembly, the Mastiff has a great amount of power available.  The mastiff also features driver selectable all wheel steering, high wheel travel, joystick operated active suspension as well as lowering suspensions for quick troop ingress/egress.

The vehicle features a modular armor system, which allows for changing survivability protection levels higher, lower or as required.

The mastiff can seat between 10 and 14 personnel in the vehicle, with 4 crew in the front cockpit. It also has the ability to mount 1 man, 2 man or remote weapon systems, up gunned weapon stations, or lav type turrets with 25, 30 or 40 mm interchangeable main weapons.



Overall Length, mm 9710
Overall Width, mm 2620
Overall Height, mm 2640
Wheelbase, mm 2110/1760/1760
Track Width, mm 2184
Ground Clearance, mm 320-700 (adjustable)
Body layout Monocoque
Seating layout 4+8 (Optional 4+10)
Doors 1 (rear ramp) + hatches
Roof turret with hatch Yes
Curb weight, kg 29030
Payload, kg 2400
Combat weight, kg 31430
Engine make Caterpillar
Engine model C13
Engine type Turbo charged diesel I6
Displacement, l 12.5
Maximum Power, hp 600
Maximum Torque, Nm 2373
Fuel type diesel
Power to Weight Ratio at combat weight, hp/ton 19.1
Transmission automatic 6-speed
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 530
Driveline 8x8x8 (all wheels steering)
Axle and suspension FR Independent hydropneumatic with adjustable ride height
Axle and suspension RR
Transfer case 2 speed
Run flat inserts Yes
Brakes FR Pneumatic drum brakes
Brakes RR Pneumatic drum brakes
Top Speed, km/h 113
Turning Circle, m 18.88
Grade ability >60%
Static Side Slope Up to 50%
Vertical Step, mm 700
Fording, mm 2000 (90° edges)
Ballistic protection ?
Mine Protection ?
Ballistic Protection Very high protection level; details on application
Mine Protection Details on application
Voltage Dual 12V and 24V
Batteries 2
Alternator 570A
Auxiliary sockets 12V Yes
120 / 220V AC external power input Optional
NATO slave starting system Yes
Battery monitor Yes
1)      Electric winch Standard, 30000 lbs
2)      CBRN overpressure system Standard
3)      Public address system Standard
4)      Intercom Optional
5)      Fire suppression system Standard, 4 zone
6)      Auxiliary service battery with smart isolator switch and battery monitor Standard
7)      Interior weapon mounts Optional
8)      VHF/UHF communication system Optional
9)      MF/HF communication system Optional
10)  GPS Optional
11)  DVR Optional
12)  GSM based live video monitoring system Optional
13)  Smoke grenade launchers Optional
14)  Multiple launch system for smoke grenades Optional
15)  Remote controlled weapon station Optional
16)  Gunshot detection system Optional
17)  Remote controlled search lights Optional
18)  Forward looking thermal camera Optional
19)  Reverse day/night camera Standard
20)  Perimeter day/night cameras Optional
21)  Outboard telescopic mast (pneumatically or electrically operated) Optional
22)  IR driving and convoy lights Optional

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