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Innovative Active Ride Control System

Active Ride Control System (ARCS) was created by The Armored Group in partnership with PI Innovo. ARCS is an automatically controlled active damping system that replaces a vehicle’s standard shock absorbers. ARCS increases ride comfort and stability in a variety of terrains and speeds. This allows drivers to keep vehicle control in both high and […]

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TAG Article in American Hard Assets

The Armored Group (TAG) is a twenty-year global manufacturer of customized armored transports, and has provided vehicles to government and military agencies, private businesses and individual citizens around the world. TAG prides itself in absolute customization, a promise delivered through its 144,000 sq.-ft. manufacturing facility with state-of-the art steel laser cutters, brake press equipment and […]

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Tips for Escaping an Attack with Your Armored Car

You have made the choice to protect yourself and your loved ones by purchasing an armored vehicle. Now you must learn to master your new machine. Having your car armored creates a different dynamic, and learning to deal with the changes in your vehicle can mean life or death when put into a situation where […]

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A Year In Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 2012 was a big year here at the Armored Group, and by the looks of it, 2013 could be even bigger. This past year, we have purchased a new 144,000 sq. ft. building with in-house laser cutting capability to ensure our material traceability is accurate throughout the entire process, tested two vehicles in Germany […]

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Rapid Deployment Vehicles Serve Multiple Law Enforcement Needs

When law enforcement agencies need a vehicle large enough to transport and efficiently deploy a tactical team and their gear, they look to The Armored Group’s line of Rapid Deployment Vehicles, or RDVs. First created almost a decade ago, the RDV was a near-instant hit with law enforcement agencies looking for an affordable vehicle large […]

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TAG Armored Toyota Land Cruiser Earns Prestigious Certification

An armored Toyota Land Cruiser manufactured by  The Armored Group passed rigorous ballistics and blast testing this summer at a facility in Ulm, Germany.  The test results earned this TAG armored SUV a certification of VR7 (Resistance Class 7) under a set of German guidelines for armored vehicles known as VPAM BRV 2009. TAG is […]

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Different Kinds of Vehicle Armor Serve Different Needs

Different Kinds of Vehicle Armor Serve Different Needs Many different kinds of materials have been developed to protect armored vehicles over the years. The choice of which armor to use to shield a car or truck from harm – or for that matter, a tank, ship, airplane or even a spacecraft – usually involves finding […]

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Armored Vehicles Are Key to the Cash-in-Transit Industry

Armored Vehicles Are Key to the Cash-in-Transit Industry Armored cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles keep valuable items safe from harm or theft Armored trucks and vans, and their uniformed crews, are a common sight not just outside of banks but also around ATMs and retail stores. For a supposedly “cashless” society, we have certainly come to take […]

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U.S. Military Looks Beyond MRAPs to Next Generation of Vehicles

The U.S. military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan required a new kind of armored truck to keep American soldiers protected as they patrolled or traveled about hostile areas of these countries. Because of guerilla tactics used by insurgents against U.S. forces, particularly the widepspread use of cheap improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the Pentagon deployed thousands […]

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Luxury Armored Vehicles Offer Security, Comfort and Style

Armored vehicles have many roles in the workaday world, securely delivering cash and other valuables. Likewise, specialized armored vehicles made for law enforcement purposed allow officers at the federal, state and local levels to do their jobs more efficiently and with greater personal safety. On a daily basis armored military vehicles keep soldiers in conflict […]

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Armored Cars’ Features Thwart a Range of Attacks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today’s armored vehicles must be designed to protect their occupants and cargo from multiple types of security threats. From a single bat-wielding assailant to a coordinated attack involving automatic weapons and explosives, armored cars and trucks are built with a wide range of defensive scenarios in mind. In order to put up effective resistance against […]

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Used Armored Vehicles Make Security More Affordable

Make no mistake, the high level of protection that armored vehicles provide comes, at a cost. Adding armor plating and bulletproof glass to a vehicle, along with other special modifications, carries a price tag that can present a budget challenge to some of the very people who need secure transportation the most. That’s where used […]

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