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Understanding TAG’s Clientele

The Armored Group (TAG) lives by its commitment to safety, durability and unparalleled service. The company’s quality has been proven through the various certifications and approvals for the safety of our vehicles. Originating in 1992 for those who needed Cash-in-Transit (CIT) vehicles, TAG has utilized a variety of vehicle sizes and types to best suit […]

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The Armored Group announces new BATT vehicle deliveries

Shepherd Media: Land Warfare International covers the delivery of numerous BATT vehicles recently delivered to Senegal and Nigeria. Click here to read the full article.    

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Tactical Life Article written by Jack Satterfield:  November 2013 The Armored Group’s .50 BMG-proof solution for high-speed, no-casualty operations! Despite superb training, preparation and equipment, no SWAT team member relishes an assault against a barricaded suspect. Entering a structure, especially when its layout is unknown, is a scary proposition—maybe even lethal—but approaching a building can […]

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The Armored Group Ships Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (B.A.T.T.) Units to Senegal and Nigeria

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Armored Group (TAG) has just announced the delivery of a large quantity of Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) units to Senegal and Nigeria.  Additional requests have been pouring in from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, India, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. These BATT vehicles can be designed for rural, urban, or a combination […]

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Anything but an Ordinary Car

  The Armored Group (TAG) has more than 20 years in the manufacturing of customized armored transports throughout the world. Providing vehicles to government and military agencies, private businesses and individual citizens, TAG prides itself in absolute customization to the vehicles. Using the most state-of-the-art steel laser cutters, brakepress equipment and anti-corrosion machines, TAG utilizes […]

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The Armored Group: See what makes our armored vehicles different than all others

Click here to see a video that provides an overview of the benefits of purchasing a TAG armored vehicle.

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The Armored Group Armored Escalade with Magnacharger and Smoke System

Click here to see a video detailing the capabilities of TAG's new armored Cadillac Escalade with Magnacharger and Smoke System.

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The Armored Group and McSweeney Designs Introduce the New MD XUV Motorcade

Click here to see the new Armored Group and McSweeney Designs MD XUV Motorcade, which was specifically developed as a “one-off” for a foreign Head of State.

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The Armored Group Launches New Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Armored Group (TAG) is proud to announce the launch of their new Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT). The BATT was developed to provide unequalled safety features and tactical capabilities in the field for deployment, extraction and medic services.  The Armored Group’s BATT vehicles offer the highest level of personal protection, unmatched comfort and interior […]

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There's a new set of wheels behind the Walker County Sheriff's Department designed to keep the SWAT Team safe

Sergeant Jason Sullivan with the Walker County Sheriff's Department has a new tool fighting crime as part of the SWAT Team. This new BATT-Vehicle or Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport, which was armored by The Armored Group.

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Selma City Council gives its approval for the new BATT vehicle, outfitted by The Armored Group LLC

The new $177,000 Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport, or BATT, vehicle will be used by the Selma Police Department and possibly the Randolph Area Metro Emergency Response Team, the SWAT team unit made up of officers from 10 area police departments.  Funding for the vehicle will come from the city's reserve fund balance.   Click here to […]

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Tactical Life Spotlight: Cape May County, NJ, SWAT Team Using The Armored Group's BATT S AP

Cape May County, New Jersey, SWAT is a forward-thinking team with top training and superior firepower  to successfully counter any threats within the county’s 620 square miles. Their armored vehicle of choice is The Armored Group's Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) S AP for its' exceptional personal protection capabilities and affordability. Tactical Life, recent featured the Cape […]

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