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‘Bulletproof’ Glass Provides Clearly Superior Protection

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, armored vehicles are only as safe and secure as their most penetrable areas. In a regular vehicle, the fragile windows are the most obvious weak point. To serve in an armored car or truck, glass must be strong enough to resist gunfire as […]

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Smart Businesses Employ Armored Vehicles to Protect Valuable Assets and VIPs

Decades ago, not long after the invention of the automobile itself, private companies were some of the first users of armored vehicles. Today, for many businesses and business executives, armored cars and trucks are more of a necessity than ever. Armored vehicles were originally developed for asset protection, and that’s still one of their primary […]

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How Are Bulletproof Vehicles Made?

Manufacturing bulletproof and armored vehicles that offer superior security and protection involves more than just adding a few metal plates to an existing car or truck design. Constructing effective bulletproof vehicles requires expert knowledge of ballistics, explosives and tactics that could be used by potential attackers, as well as mechanical expertise. That said, armor reinforcement […]

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Who Uses Armored Vehicles?

For one particular group – the armed forces – it’s easy to see why armored vehicles are a necessity. From armored Hummers to the most heavily armored vehicle of them all, the modern tank, operating in combat zones obviously requires the utmost in physical protection for soldiers.

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Sault Ste. Marie ESU Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport AP (BATT AP)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Sault Ste. Marie ESU unveiled their new Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport AP, or BATT AP, rescue and tactical vehicle. Featuring .50 cal protection and a host of additional options, this truck is ready to be deployed in the fight against crime.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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First BATT in Canada Used for Barricaded Subject

First BATT AP delivered to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada used during a call out for barricaded subject. Needless to say, subject surrendered.

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New BATT AP for a Sheriff’s Office out in Florida. AP & .50 cal protection, rotating roof turret, upgraded suspension.

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BATT XL Custom BATT XL can provide safety and standing room for officers. Our larger BATT XL for an agency in Arizona. Stops .50 cal, goes highway speeds, and has standing room for officers.

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Black BATT

Black BATT Custom all-black BATT provide higher levels of safety and comfort For an agency in Texas. Stops .50 cal bullets, goes 80 mph, and is black, all black everything.

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BATT-S AP The BATT rescue vehicle provides both ballistic and blast protection from all angles New BATT-S AP delivered to an agency in Texas.

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First Agency in Canada takes delivery of one of our armored SWAT trucks. The BATT AP is armored to defeat .50 Caliber bullets and built for serious off-roading. This particular truck was built for Saul St. Marie ESU.

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