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Nuisance Abatement Vehicles

Look to The Armored Group for nuisance abatement vehicles that have proven very effective in resolving safety issues in problem neighborhoods. Our highly-respected armored car company has long been a provider of police/SWAT tactical vehicles, and many of the law enforcement organizations we work with now have Nuisance Abatement Departments. They have found that parking armored trucks and vans with cameras in a problem neighborhood or in front of problem homes actually causes crime to drop. We offer a host of new and pre-owned vehicles that may be perfect for such endeavors. The use of vehicles in this manner is a low-budget, effective crime deterrent for law enforcement, and we are happy to help.

If you are interested in finding good deals on vehicles that might make for effective nuisance abatement vehicles, we would love to introduce you to our diverse inventory. We can offer cost effective solutions in terms of our armored vehicles, which are uniquely prepared to spend time in dangerous areas and neighborhoods without incurring damage. Vehicles that may work on nuisance abatement assignments include:

  • Armored trucks
  • Armored vans
  • Armored SUVs
  • Armored cars

The relationships we have established with law enforcement organizations the world over are ones we are especially proud of. Ideas like nuisance abatement offer new and effective ways for law enforcement to makes neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life for inhabitants. The fact that our vehicles are playing a role in the process is something that everyone at The Armored Group can point to with pride.

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