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Unarmored Water/Fuel Tank Trailers

Water/Fuel Tanker Semi-trailer

Water/Fuel Tanker Semi-trailer

Type HBA201 – 5000 Gal – We have multiple NEW STOCK trailers available. Please call 602-840-2271 today for more details!

Technical Specification

– Fuel Capacity: 5,000 Gallons

– Material: Aluminium construction

– GVW: 49,600 pounds

-Dimensions (Inch): Length: 393, Width: 100, Height: 108

-Self Loading capability: 80 gpm

-Fuel discharging capability: 150 gpm

-Bottom loading operation: 600 gpm

-Standards: FMVSS / ADR

-Ability to load/unload: Water/Diesel/Gasoline/Jet A1/ JP8 (aircraft fuel)


Vehicle performance ratings:

  1. Axles 20,600 pounds (lb)/per axle ie.41,200 lbs.
  1. Suspension 30,000 pounds (lb)/per axle ie. 60,000 lbs.
  1. Tires 19,840 pounds (lb)/per axle ie. 39,680 lbs


(a) Curb weight (chassis and body total) 13,227 pounds (lb)

(b) Payload 36,366 pounds (lb)

(c) GVW (total of (a) and (b) above) 49,593 pounds (lb)

1) Weight on axle 1 16,761 pounds (lb)

2) Weight on axle 2 16,761 pounds (lb)

(d) Vertical load applied to fifth wheel at GVW 16,071 pounds (lb)


Dimension (in inches):

(a) Maximum width measured at tires 94.5

(b) Rear axle to kingpin 265

(c) Rear axle to rear of trailer 93

(d) Ground clearance 15.7

(e) Location of center of gravity at curb

Vertical -from ground 66

Horizontal- forward of rear axle 100

(f) Distance from ground to bottom of tank 58


Capability of equipment:

-The HBA 201 is capable of bottom loading operation at the rate of 600 gpm. It is provided with an

automatic vent valve, a level-sensor controlled automatic flow control valve, an automatic failsafe vent

and a dry break bottom loading adapter with check valve.

-The HBA 201 is capable of self-loading via an on-board pump at a rate of 80 gpm.

-The HBA 201 is capable of discharging liquid at a rate of 150 gpm.

-The capacity of the tank is 5.000 gallons.


Standard equipment:

-Light package: including turn signals, taillights, and brake lights.

-All tools required for fuel loading and dispensing operation and changing the fuel filter/water separator


-Tire changing tools.

-Lifting jack, minimum capacity 12 tons

-Lockable (by padlock) tool box is designed to restrict the entry of water and designed to secure tools

inside of the box. All toolbox padlocks, for all trailers, are identically keyed, and two keys are provided

with every trailer.

-Rear wheels are covered by metal fenders or a combination of rear fenders and body structure, with

anti-sail mud flaps.

-Two fire extinguishers, type ABC, and mounting brackets, minimum 20 pound (9 kg) capacity each, one

on each side of the trailer and do not interfere with fuelling operations.

-A manual is provided for every trailer.



-Trailer ratings are the manufacturer’s published rating.

-Component ratings were not raised to meet requirements.

-All individual components, including but not limited to axles, suspension and tires are, at a minimum,

rated at or above the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) specified for the trailer.



-The trailer is provided with an air service brake system with a failsafe/breakaway system. Glad-hands are

in accordance with SAE J318.

-The trailer is provided with a spring parking brake system on a minimum of one axle. Spring parking

brake(s) are sufficient to hold the trailer on a dry, hard surface at GVW on a 20% grade while uncoupled

from the prime mover

-Trailer is provided with a manually activated parking brake.

-Trailer is provided with an antilock brake system (ABS) on all wheels.



-Trailer is provided with tubeless on-off road radial tires with all terrain tread.

-A spare tire and wheel assembly with holder is provided.

-Storage location of the spare wheel and tire assembly do not impede fuel / water loading or discharging


-All tires are of the same size, load rating and tread design, and all wheels are interchangeable, including

spare wheel and tire assembly.

-Means are provided to assist with the loading/unloading of the spare tire (i.e. davit, winch or equivalent).

The location does not impede fuel/ water loading or discharging operations.



-Trailer is capable of being stored and operated in temperatures ranging from -25 to 130 degrees

Fahrenheit (°f) (32 to +55 degrees Celsius (°c)).

-Trailer is capable of operating 90% of mission on paved roads and 10% off road (trails).


Electrical system:

-The trailer is provided with a SAE J560 7-pin connector.

-The trailer is provided with 12 Volt lighting.


Exterior Color:

-Exterior color of the trailer (including tank) is desert TAN.

Trailer and prime mover compatibility:

-The trailer is compatible with prime movers with adjustable 3.5 inch and 2.0-inch heavy duty fifth wheel.

When the adjustable fifth wheel is at a minimum of 20 inches forward from the centerline of the tandem axle, the trailer has sufficient swing clearance for safe vehicle operation.

-The trailer is provided with retractable landing legs to support the front of the trailer at GVW, when not

connected to the prime mover.

-Landing leg height is adjustable from at least 49 to 54 inches when measured from the ground to the

bottom of the king pin, to facilitate coupling/uncoupling of the trailer to the prime mover.


-Prime mover information:

Fifth wheel height: 52 inches

Wheelbase: 180 inches

Height of cab: 73.2 inches from the top of the frame rails to the top of the cab.

Height of cab: 108 inches from the top of tractor to the ground

Rear of cab to centerline of tandem axle: 118 inches

Centerline of tandem axle to rear of body: 60 inches Fuel


Tank body:

-Tank/chassis interface is designed to prevent damage to tank during off-road operation.

-Tank has a minimum of 5000 gallon (19000 litters) effective capacity including suitable expansion space.

-Tank consists of a single compartment containing a minimum of two anti-surge baffles.

-Tank is constructed from aluminum suitable for diesel fuel, gasoline and water.

-All tank filler openings and vents are protected against overturn damage.

-Tank has one lockable (by padlock) manhole a minimum of 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter, complete with vacuum vent.

-The tank is capable of being bottom-loaded at a rate not less than 600 gallons per minute (GPM) (2300

litters per minute (l/min)).

-To provide bottom loading capability, the tank is furnished with an automatic vent valve, a level sensor

controlled automatic flow control valve, and a dry break bottom loading adapter with check valve.

-The system, including the automatic vent, is failsafe to prevent damage to the tank and components if

the bottom loading system malfunctions or is operated incorrectly.

-Emergency shut-off controls for fuel loading and discharging operations are provided.

-All parts, including pump, piping, hoses and nozzles, having contact with fluids are corrosion resistant

and compatible with diesel fuel, gasoline and water.

-Upper tank access is provided by ladder, leading to a grating-type catwalk to manhole, both affixed to


-The catwalk and ladder are provided with a non-slip surface.

-Roof water drains are provided.

-Electrostatic discharge protection is provided for the trailer chassis and refueling equipment, grounding line and reel at a minimum.


Pump and piping:

-Diesel powered, self-priming pump with a minimum discharge capacity of 160 gpm (600 l/min).

The pump engine is provided with a fuel tank.

-Tanker is capable of self-loading via the on-board pump at a rate of not less than 75 gpm (285 lpm).

-Tanker is capable of fuel and /or water discharge (diesel, gasoline & water) via pressurized (pump) and

gravity feed modes through the bulk delivery/self-loading hose and a hose reel and nozzle.

-Pump and piping system include all piping, fittings, adapters, valves, vents, and pressure gages necessary to safely dispense and meter fuel through the hose reel and nozzle, and through the bulk delivery/self-loading hose, in both pressurized and gravity feed modes.

-Fuel filter/water separator(s) are provided that are compatible with both diesel and gasoline fuels. —-

Location of filter/separator(s) is readily accessible and allow for quick replacement. Fuel filter/water

separator is at minimum provided for the two 1 ½ inch hoses

-A flow diagram and basic operating and safety instructions are permanently affixed to the trailer near

the control valves.

-For bottom loading, couplings and adapters shall be provided compatible with 3-inch cam-lock.

-Meter(s) are able to provide both a running total and a resettable individual use total for fuel


Meters are used on both the bulk delivery/self-loading and 1 ½ hoses.

The meter(s) on the bulk delivery/self-loading hoses are rated for at least 600 l/min (160 gpm).


Hose reel and hoses:

-Two 3-inch non-collapsible hoses, minimum 20 feet (6 m) long each, for bulk delivery/self-loading

operation with cam-locks on each end. The hoses have a permanent enclosed storage location on the


-Two manual crank hose reels, each with a minimum of 50 feet (15 m) of 1-1/2 inch hose with an

automatic nozzle for the discharging of fuel.

-The nozzle connects to the hose via a swivel end.

-The nozzle is of the lever action type with a rigid spout.

-The nozzle is equipped with automatic shutoff, a lever guard, and a splash guard for the spout

These units are designed not only to transport fuel or water but also to operate as a

service station fueling cars, trucks, battle tanks, aircraft and helicopters. They have

been in operation in the harshest environment (Afghanistan / Iraq /El Salvador) for over

10 years with the local and US Forces without experiencing any problems or quality



These units can be as service commercially but also for security forces, humanitarian

forces and can be used in any disaster area.


These units can be transportable by Air with C-130 and can operate on their own since

they are equipped with a diesel pump, hose reels and metering device.