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The TAG BATT® – T takes our revolutionary BATT® -APX armored rescue platform and incorporates it on the ultra reliable Toyota 4×4 Chassis. The NIJ III/B6 Armor level is achieved by using certified steel and glass components to ensure this versatile armored rescue vehicle provides both ballistic and blast protection from all angles. With a world wide parts and service network, the BATT® -T is easily maintained almost anywhere in the world. When you include our groundbreaking flip forward hood clip, this unit becomes one of the easiest maintainable armored vehicles on the planet.

BATT®-T Features

Our BATT®-T includes features that add a higher level of comfort and safety than most other armored vehicles. We designed the BATT®-T to accommodate fully geared officers comfortably and with the utmost security. BATT®-T models with the complete protection package have features that include, but not limited to:

  • B6/NIJ III Armor Level
  • Blast mitigating floor.
  • Internal armored firewall.
  • Rifle-rated roof protection.
  • Fully armored hood clip.
  • Dual heating and air conditioning systems in front and back.
  • Gun/View Ports.
  • Four-wheel drive off-road capabilities.
  • Bench or Individual Seating
  • Roof Hatch
  • Emergency Lighting and Siren System
  • Run Flat Tires

TAG offers a myriad of different options for the BATT®-T including, but not limited to: 360° Rotating Turret, Battering Rams, winch, weapons mounts, cupola tops, Thermal/Day Night Cameras, Rotating Spot Lights, Communication Equipment, Blast Seats, LRAD Devices, and many, many more.

Why Choose BATT®-T?

The BATT®-T vehicle(s) you receive from The Armored Group, LLC, is one-of-a-kind, built specifically for your team. We offer patented features that are not available anywhere else, such as our flip-forward hood and multi-angle hydraulic ram system. Contact us today to learn more about BATT®-T.

Base Armor Specifications BATT® (APX & X)

  • Vertical Panel Protection
  • Firewall Armor
  • Roof Protection
  • Blast Protected Floor
  • TAG Exclusive Tilt Forward Armored Front Hood Clip/Engine Bay
  • Certified Bullet Resistant Glass
  • TAG Exclusive Door Gap Protection
  • Industry Leading HVAC Systems
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • Gun Ports
  • Running Boards
  • Emergency Lights
  • Siren and PA
  • Insulation Package
  • Single or Double Rear Doors
  • Padded Rear Bench Seats
  • Escape Hatch
  • High Output Headlights
  • Diesel Engine
  • 4×4
  • 360° Rotating Turret
  • Escape Hatches
  • Engine Bay Armor
  • Battering Ram Package
  • Gas Needle Ram Pkg
  • Ram Camera System with Color Monitor
  • Run Flat Packages
  • 22.5 Off Road Tire & Rim Package (6 Tires/Rims)
  • Camera and DVR Systems
  • Power Inverter Systems with Plug Ins
  • Ram Bumper
  • Fire Suppression System
  • 24 Volt Conversion System
  • Shore Power (includes marine grade cord)
  • Kussmaul Battery Charger with Auto Eject
  • Power Winches
  • Winch Upgrade Packagees
  • Heated Windshields
  • Roof Mounted Remote Control Spot Lights
  • LED Police Style Light Bars
  • Side Intersection Emergency Lights
  • Ballistic Skip Round Shields
  • Flip Out Running Boards
  • Turret Cupola Options
  • Parabolic Mic System
  • Intercom System
  • Radio Prep Package
  • Service Manuals
  • CBRNE Detection
  • SCBA Refill Tanks and Hook Ups
  • Thermal Camera with Color Monitor
  • Robot Options
  • LRAD Systems & Accessories
  • Multiple Paint Options
  • Under Seat Lighting
  • Rear Tow Hitch with Brake Control
  • Spec Rest Sniper System
  • Weapon Mounting Systems
  • Remote Weapon Stations
  • Blast Seats
  • Center Mounted Bench Seating
  • BATT EOD Packages
  • BATT Medic Packages
  • NBC Air Filtration System
  • Riot Protection Package
  • Front Mounted Push Blade
  • (2) Rear Officer’s Area Cooling Fans
  • Mast (Vehicle Mounted)
  • Litters
  • Roof Mounted Storage Box
  • Delia Raptor Tool
  • Delia Rescue Hawk
  • Delia Life Spike
  • Computer Station
  • Work Desk/Command Station
  • Front Mounted Camera
  • Skid Plates
  • USB Port Plug In Stations
  • Decal Installation
  • CTIS System
  • Tire Change Package
  • Spare Air Self Rescue Tanks
  • Rescue Torch System

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