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Armored Kenworth

Almost new B6 Armored Huron built on a 2017 Kenworth  4×4 chassis.  This armored rescue vehicle is completely loaded with options and offers departments and/or companies the ability to move larger teams into hostile situations, contact us today.

B6/NIJ III Rifle Round Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

Kenworth T370, 4×4, Automatic Transmission, Cummins 8.3L Turbo Diesel, 315 Hp and 950 lb-ft Tq

Steel front and rear bumpers, sidesteps for easy entry into vehicle, high security locks on all doors, large convex style rear view mirrors, vehicle interior is equipped with large dome lights, individually controlled by switch, scratch and slip resistant floor surface, suspension heavily reinforced to support the additional weight of vehicle, all glass and external lights to be protected by rock shield, military grade wheels with run flats, upgraded power steering, HD Custom steering wheel dampening system, front grill guard

B4/NIJ IIIA Handgun Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

Siren/Pa, PTZ Thermal Camera, LED Strobe Lights (Front/Back/Top of vehicle), Swirling rings with ballistic shield for gun mount, DVR + 6 cameras surrounding the vehicle, riot mesh installed on all windows and mirrors, auxiliary ac unit installed on exterior of vehicle, Manual fire suppression system for engine bay, front obstacle clearance plow.