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TAG APC Terrier LT-79 armored vehicle called into action during unrest in Haiti

February 27, 2020
Home » Newsroom » TAG APC Terrier LT-79 armored vehicle called into action during unrest in Haiti

During the widespread unrest ongoing in Haiti, our APC (Armored Personnel CarrierTerrier LT-79 was center point to some of the protective efforts. The Terrier LT-79 armored vehicle is well known for protecting teams, cargo, VIPs and having the ability for quick and efficient maneuverability. This armored vehicle does its job extremely well - protecting even when under direct assault with proven performance and survivability out in the field.

Protecting vital teams with The Armored Group’s Terrier Armored Vehicle LT-79 ensures that when things get serious your team has the equipment they need to get the job done. Living through the altercation and returning safely home to their family. 

Outfitted with ballistic protection, customization and maneuverability ensures that this vehicle can get your team in and out. The Terrier LT-79 has proven itself time after time handling some of the toughest situations regardless of opposition or terrain with ease. 

Consult with our sales team about the optional customization available for your Terrier Vehicle LT-79; choosing from our extensive inventory of upgrade options. 

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