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2015 Chevrolet Suburban VIP


B6 Armor and VIP Coach Interior Package, in clean condition.

Exterior: Black
• Interior: Black
• Drive wheels: 4WD
• Engine: V8 Petrol
• Transmission: Automatic
• Mileage: Approx. 80,500 Miles


Transparent Armor (Glass):
• Door glass replaced with transparent armor (glass) OEM curved shape
• Windshield replaced with transparent armor (glass) OEM curved shape
• Rear quarter glass (Large Size) with armored panels on the interior of the glass
• All glass to have overlap system around each window with returns. This ensures complete
protection from spacing between armor plate and transparent armor

• All four (4) doors armored using ballistic plate
• Armored rear bulkhead behind OEM tailgate.
• All doors to have overlap system with returns to ensures complete protection from spacing between armor plate and transparent armor
• Rear cargo area fully armored in all vertical panels
• Door pillars (A, B, C and D) reinforced throughout with ballistic plate
• Door hinges reinforced from interior of door and frame of vehicle to reduce stress of weight added
• Heavy-duty door straps added on all doors to allow no over extension
Firewall, Engine Compartment, Roof and Floor:
• Firewall armored throughout with ballistic steel plate
• Entire roof area interior armored throughout using ballistic steel plate contoured to interior of roof
• Floor armored using material that acts as an absorbent for mild blast throughout

Tires and Wheels:
• Run-Flat Devices installed in (4) Black aftermarket alloy wheels.
Suspension and Brakes:
• Suspension professionally upgraded to compensate for additional weight

Additional Options Added:
• Operable driver’s window with 4-6” travel.
• Electronics: PA/Siren.
• VIP Rear Passenger Package: Matte Black exterior paint, (2) flip up security personnel seats in rear, (2) custom VIP coach seats in rear, custom multi-surround sound muti-media w/TV in partition, gullwing arm rests and mini-bar.

B6/NIJ III Rifle Round Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

B4/NIJ IIIA Handgun Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV